Bluebonnets and Melvin

Spring has sprung in Austin and I just could not resist getting some pictures with Melvin in the blooming bluebonnets. They’re gorgeous! I love this time of year when the wildflowers start to bloom at the beginning of spring. They line the highways in beautiful colors of blue, red, yellow and sometimes pink. It feels very Texas to me!

We ventured over to a small group of bluebonnets just down the street from us in our neighborhood to snap some quick pics of me and my pup.
I’m so crazy for this lovable pup!

Our Christmas card (and fall photos!)

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Scott agreed to do a fall mini photo shoot with me back in October in preparation for our Christmas card. We don’t get our picture taken very often so when there is an opportunity, I kind of have to take it! This year we met up with Jennifer at Circle C park for a quick sunset photo shoot. Scott couldn’t have been happier with how fast the shoot was, which is a good thing for a husband that is already reluctant to color coordinate and take pictures. Since the shoot was only about 20 min, we decided not to bring our puppies, but instead, I snapped a couple of pics in our backyard and called it done. Don’t worry, we were still able to include our fur babies in our card!