I think I’ll go to Boston

Exactly two weeks ago Scott texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Boston on the 26th. My first question was, “the 26th of this month? As in two weeks?” and his response was, “Yes!”

Well turns out that he was asked to join the CEO of his company for a meeting up there on the 27th and wanted to bring me along. Of course I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to travel someplace I’ve never been to before! Even if our visit is just for a long weekend.

Since it’s my first time seeing the city, I wanted to try and fit in as many reasonable things as possible. I knew I wanted to try and meet up with relatives while I was there, they live outside of Boston, and I knew I wanted to see some sights and learn a little bit more about our Country’s history.

Now, I don’t know many things about Boston, but I did see that MA is home to the first Dunkin Donuts ;)

But really, when I think about Boston, I think of COOOOOLD temperatures and snow, Irish pubs, accents, active people/lifestyles specifically the Boston Marathon, fresh seafood and America’s history.

With all of that in mind, I based my trip around all of those qualities. So far on our agenda (subject to change):

  • Thursday

-Check into hotel…We’re staying in the Theater District/Chinatown area.
-Eat lunch in the area- Suggestion?
-Work related dinner with Andy and Scott. Restaurant TBD… Any ideas/thoughts?
-Irish pub-Which one should we go to?

  • Friday

-Meet and work out with Jess at an early morning barre class at Simply Barre. So excited!
-Eat breakfast at flour bakery and cafe
-Go to the Public Garden
-Dinner with Scott
-Comedy show/standup?

  • Satuday

-Freedom Trail Run in the morning
-Meet up with relatives and eat lunch-suggestions?
-Hit up a brewery?

Everything is still up in the air. I’d love to hear your suggestions or recommendations. Specifically GOOD, reasonable places that aren’t too far away from where we’re staying and that has a nice atmosphere for lunch and dinner.


Telluride ski trip: part 2

We got in around 8pm on Friday night and didn’t make it home until after 9. It was about 6 hrs of travel time, but I’ll take 6 hrs flying over our typical 12 hr drive which we usually do when we go skiing. I sure was ready to be home with our pups! It has actually been really nice playing catch up this weekend and getting prepared for the upcoming week.

In my last update, I left off on Tuesday. We said our goodbyes to Thane and Amy, and decided to take a rest day. I traveled into town with my mother and sister-in-law, while Scott chilled out and got some work done at the condo. Not a super eventful day, which was what my body needed! We ended up staying up way later than we have the whole trip, waiting for our friends Roy and Lauren and their family to get into town. It kind of worked out perfectly. With Thane and Amy gone, Renee and her family leaving Wednesday, as well as the Hamiltons, Roy/Lauren+family would be filling quite the void! R+L live in Denver, so it was about a 6 hr drive for them. But they made it! It was so fun getting to see them again, as well as their two children! I first met R+L in Denver just over 3 years ago, right before Scott and I got engaged. Lauren was pregnant at the time with their first, which was so neat to see them now three years later with two little ones!

Wednesday: Scott, Roy and I set out for what turned out to be a full day of skiing! We got to recapping all the runs we did and counted about 11 of them! We got back around 3, showered and ate an early dinner. We finished the night watching Bernie, they had never seen it.
SKi map
1Village Bypass//2Misty Maiden//3Peek-a-boo//4Sundance//5Galloping Goose//6Double Cabin//7Polar Queen//8Dew drop//9Boomerang//10Madison//11Cake walk

My favorite part was trying out the Polar Queen/Dew drop area. It was less populated, really diverse and had the best snow! Wednesday was by far my favorite day skiing, although my skis were lacking the wax that I started with, so it was getting rather sticky.

Thursday: Since I had a strong finish on Wednesday, I decided to give my last prepaid pass to Roy so him and Scott could ski together. I had my fair share of skiing and was totally ok with handing over my lift ticket! That morning I did a little bit of exploring and took some pictures, read and finished my book “The Paris Wife” as well as did an at home workout. If you’re not following pbfingers workout pinterest page, go there and follow! So many workouts in one place and you’re bound to find one that fits your needs. I ended up doing this body weight exercise. Working out in altitude is a lot harder than you might think! I ran 5 sets of stairs as a warm up and that left me pretty much breathless! I wasn’t sure what to expect with the workout, but it turned out to be pretty well rounded and left me sore and sweaty! Also, I used this online stopwatch on loop countdown and it was so helpful!
After my workout, I took a shower followed by a nap! The best! Once the guys eventually made their way home, we got dressed and headed out to grab dinner in Telluride. We technically stayed in Mountain Village, where most of the skiing is, but they have made it extremely convenient for traveling back and forth between the two towns with the use of gondolas! Telluride ended up being only 2 gondola rides away, which made things very easy for us.
We may or may not have gone back to the same pizza place for dinner that we went to on Monday night :) haha yeah, it was that good! Before long, we were back in the condo, cozied up. We watched Get Low on Netflix, which was categorized under comedy, but it is definitely not a comedy. A good movie, but not a comedy. Just fyi if you’re thinking about watching it.

And just like that, Friday morning we were checking out of the condo and hopping into a van to be shuttled over to Montrose for our flight home. A perfect ski vacation with views that won’t soon be forgotten!

Telluride ski trip: part 1

Update coming to you from Telluride, CO! We’ve decided to take a rest day today, and say goodbye to our friends Thane and Amy, and welcome some new faces, Roy and Lauren. But before I get ahead of myself, lets backtrack to the beginning!

Friday: We arrived in the Telluride Friday afternoon with the in-laws, and met up with the sister in-law and her family and our friends Thane and Amy. We’re staying in Bear Creek Lodge, and it is absolutely gorgeous! The condo is ski in/ski out which means it is right on the mountain, making it pretty easy to just suit up and head down. The whole town looks like something out of the movies! Friday night was spent settling into our rooms and catching up with everyone.

Saturday: Valentine’s Day! We woke up bright and early at 5:45am to the most gorgeous view! I’ve never been to a more beautiful ski town than here! We’re surrounded by mountains, tucked away in the middle of a forest with ski runs on either side of us. We started the morning off by cooking a big breakfast for everyone… About 12 pieces of bacon, 12 eggs, 8 biscuits, gravy…all so good and satisfying. Once we were filled up, it was time to get dressed and head out to the mountain for our first day of skiing. It was 50+ degrees that day which made for some really warm skiing! We ended the day around 2, then hung out as a group in the condo for the rest of the night.

vday gifts
Gift exchange. We don’t normally do that, but it was a nice surprise

skiing day 1
heart kiss
Sunday: Sunday was a full day of skiing. We headed out at 9:30 and skied until at least 4, with a lunch break somewhere between. By the time we finished skiing, it had started to snow and the temperature had dropped drastically since the day before. It was closer to the 30’s by the end of the day and snowing. We finished the day off by soaking our bones in the hot tub. It was glorious!
day 2 skiing

I loved this picture of Scott. Such a gorgeous day
people mover
At the end of the day, waiting for the elevator. It took us back up to the condo.

Monday: After the snow fall the night before, we were anxious to get out on the mountain to try out the freshly powdered slopes. It was much colder on Monday, and it was only getting colder as the day progressed. Amy and I decided that the hot tub and wine sounded like a much better way to spend a snowy day than freezing our butts off on multiple lifts, so we got off the mountain around 1 and headed for the hot tub. Since it was Amy and Thane’s last night, we all went out as a family to a really yummy pizza place called Brown Dog Pizza. My oh my, the reviews didn’t lie. The pizza was amazing! Plus, the company was pretty great too. :) After dinner, we ventured around the little town of Telluride and found ourselves in a few bars before making our way back home.

Today will be spent lounging around the condo, maybe a little bit of sightseeing in Telluride, followed by a nap?! Who knows… But I know my legs are happy with the idea!