Lake Tahoe vacation!

Back in November we bought an Epic Local season pass. With the pass you have unlimited ski access to Vail resorts like Park City, Heavenly, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Kirkwood just to name a few.
We figured to get our money’s worth, we’d have to take at least two ski tips this season… Ok, twist our arm, ha! We had a trip on the horizon for Breckenridge in February with a few other couples but needed to choose another time and place for our second trip. We eventually decided on Lake Tahoe.  Scott skied Heavenly about 9 years ago, but it was my first time! We strategically planned the trip in the middle of January. I had a couple of work holiday’s coming up, so I only had to use 3 days of vacation. Score!

We flew into Reno on January the 14th, took a shuttle to South Lake Tahoe and stayed for a total of six nights. Alright, time for the complete recap!

  • Where we stayed

We stayed at a little mountain motel a block away from the Heavenly village called Big Pines Mountain House. It was nothing fancy, but it served us well. A spacious/clean room, really hot shower and a kitchenette, what more do you need? They also offered a free continental breakfast every morning, which was a nice perk. The best part about the motel was that it was within walking distance to everything! It made getting around without a car very easy.

  • Where to eat

With our kitchenette, we were able to cook at home for most breakfast/lunch/dinner meals + snacks. But there were times when we wanted to go out for dinner or were in the Village right after skiing and wanted something quick and close by.

  1. California Burger Co.: We arrived in Tahoe after a 12 hour travel day and needed a meal desperately! We were on our way to the grocery store to pick up meals for the week and saw a cool burger joint. We stopped off at California Burger Co. for a quick burger and fries. The food was great! Truth be told, we actually went there the very next day to watch the Cowboys/Green Bay game if that tells you anything. #noshame cali-burger-co
  2. Base Camp Pizza Co.: After skiing on Tuesday, we stopped by Base Camp Pizza for a late lunch. Scott ended up getting the Base Camp and I got a personal size Big Mountain(their meat lovers). It was very good! Such a treat to go out for lunch after a full day of skiing. img_3855
  3. Rocket Fizz: We stopped by a little candy store in the village after skiing one day. You know that saying, “Like a kid in a candy shop.” That’s totally me!!! When we’re traveling, I always look ahead of time to see if there is a candy store near by. This place didn’t disappoint. It was adorably vintage and had SO many candy options. My favorite candy is gummy sour belts. img_3868
  4. The Loft: We had completely open night and decided to stroll the village in hopes of finding something that peaked our interest. We eventually decided on drinks and a movie in Heavenly Village. We had a drink at The Loft before we were off to see La La Land(loved it!) at the local movie theater. When the movie was over, Scott was feeling a hungry and didn’t like the idea of going to bed on an empty stomach, so we went back to The Loft for a bite to eat. Scott had a specialty dish and I settled for a salad as it was nearing 9:30pm! We both enjoyed our meals very much. The Loft also doubles as a theater, hosting magic and burlesque shows. If we had known ahead of time, we definitely would have considered a fun show at the Loft!

    The atmosphere was really neat and swanky
  • Skiing Heavenly

Wow, the skiing here is Beautiful! Almost every ski run is backdropped by Lake Tahoe. It was incredible! We also lucked out with perfect ski conditions this season. Tahoe has gotten record breaking(in recent years) snowfall and it made for GREAT skiing conditions. The weather was also very nice the first half of the trip. Sunny, blue skies, and warm temps… My favorite type of skiing! Wednesday morning a storm started to roll in, causing the main part of the mountain to be shut down due to high winds and rain/sleet mixture. Why we decided to ski that day, I’m not sure! But we made it over to the Nevada side and skied 4 runs before getting soaked and calling it a day. Over night, Tahoe got about 8 inches of snow, and more on the mountain… For someone who was taught to ski on packed powder, skiing fresh powder took some getting used to! The first two runs were rough! A core and thigh burner for sure, but once I got the hang of it, I became a fan. It snowed on us all day, Scott LOVED it. It was the perfect way to finish off our last day of skiing.
img_3854 img_3857
img_3865 img_3878


Telluride ski trip: part 1

Update coming to you from Telluride, CO! We’ve decided to take a rest day today, and say goodbye to our friends Thane and Amy, and welcome some new faces, Roy and Lauren. But before I get ahead of myself, lets backtrack to the beginning!

Friday: We arrived in the Telluride Friday afternoon with the in-laws, and met up with the sister in-law and her family and our friends Thane and Amy. We’re staying in Bear Creek Lodge, and it is absolutely gorgeous! The condo is ski in/ski out which means it is right on the mountain, making it pretty easy to just suit up and head down. The whole town looks like something out of the movies! Friday night was spent settling into our rooms and catching up with everyone.

Saturday: Valentine’s Day! We woke up bright and early at 5:45am to the most gorgeous view! I’ve never been to a more beautiful ski town than here! We’re surrounded by mountains, tucked away in the middle of a forest with ski runs on either side of us. We started the morning off by cooking a big breakfast for everyone… About 12 pieces of bacon, 12 eggs, 8 biscuits, gravy…all so good and satisfying. Once we were filled up, it was time to get dressed and head out to the mountain for our first day of skiing. It was 50+ degrees that day which made for some really warm skiing! We ended the day around 2, then hung out as a group in the condo for the rest of the night.

vday gifts
Gift exchange. We don’t normally do that, but it was a nice surprise

skiing day 1
heart kiss
Sunday: Sunday was a full day of skiing. We headed out at 9:30 and skied until at least 4, with a lunch break somewhere between. By the time we finished skiing, it had started to snow and the temperature had dropped drastically since the day before. It was closer to the 30’s by the end of the day and snowing. We finished the day off by soaking our bones in the hot tub. It was glorious!
day 2 skiing

I loved this picture of Scott. Such a gorgeous day
people mover
At the end of the day, waiting for the elevator. It took us back up to the condo.

Monday: After the snow fall the night before, we were anxious to get out on the mountain to try out the freshly powdered slopes. It was much colder on Monday, and it was only getting colder as the day progressed. Amy and I decided that the hot tub and wine sounded like a much better way to spend a snowy day than freezing our butts off on multiple lifts, so we got off the mountain around 1 and headed for the hot tub. Since it was Amy and Thane’s last night, we all went out as a family to a really yummy pizza place called Brown Dog Pizza. My oh my, the reviews didn’t lie. The pizza was amazing! Plus, the company was pretty great too. :) After dinner, we ventured around the little town of Telluride and found ourselves in a few bars before making our way back home.

Today will be spent lounging around the condo, maybe a little bit of sightseeing in Telluride, followed by a nap?! Who knows… But I know my legs are happy with the idea!

Wolf Creek: Day 5

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day!!! It’s our last night in Pagosa Springs, and we will be touring the town and going out to a nice dinner tonight. What are you doing for Valentine’s day? Do you like to celebrate this holiday? I love it :)

Day 5 was my last and final day of skiing! And what an amazing day of skiing it was. It was like spring skiing. Bright blue skies, not a cloud in sight. Gorgeous. My main goal for this ski day was to ride up the tallest lift and get a picture of me and Scott on the top on the mountain. That was it! We marked that goal off the list early on.
photo (2)
See, isn’t it gorgeous up there!

We skied for 4 hours. I got 10 runs in and I was pooped.

The rest of the day we spent time with our dogs, turned in my skis, and what do you know, ate dinner. We picked Kips if you’re curious. It’s similar to wahoos fish tacos. They were delish!

The olympics filled our night along with two games of yahtzee.

…I think I’m ready to come home. I’m missing the gym and my own bed!