Happy 3rd Birthday to Melvin!

…Yesterday was Melvin’s 3rd Birthday!
Usually I make Melvin a cake, but with our move coming up, I didn’t have all of my baking utensils readily available so we had to switch it up at bit!

I planned a little outing, just the two of us, to celebrate the little guy’s Birthday. It’s funny because dogs have no idea that it’s their Birthday, yet I still love doing a little special something for Mac and Melvin on their day. This year I took Melvin to Lofty Dog and a dog park about 15 min away from home.

Lofty Dog is a locally owned pet store for cats and dogs with unique goods, local treats, and specialty food. They also raise awareness and funding for animal shelters around Austin. When we went in they had a lot of homemade goodies for Melvin to pick from. Melvin chose 2 cupcake cookies, a three tier cake cookie and a fire hydrant cookie. They also have a scoop section where we picked out some homemade everyday treats and a rawhide bar. Melvin’s senses had to have been going crazy in there!
FullSizeRender (4)
We ventured over to a dog park in Pflugerville called Harris Ridge. To our surprise there weren’t many dogs there. Melvin romped around a bit and waited for more pups to join him. Eventually a few more dogs make it out and moseyed on over to play.
After about an hour we made our way back home to celebrate with our other halves. We broke open the treats and Mac and Melvin went to town.
FullSizeRender (6)
I’d say it was a pretty successful Birthday!


Merry (early) Christmas from the Hamilton family

Christmas cards are one of my favorites parts about the season! It’s been a fun tradition since being married. I love creating, and sending them out as well as receiving them! This year we went out and took pictures at a local park but didn’t end up using a single one…. The one below is the one we went with! We ended up snapping it sporadically when I decided that our dogs needed to make an appearance in our Christmas card photo. We set up the tripod and with the first try, we had our picture. Self timer is the way to go! And of course I had to include mine and Melvin’s matching puffy vest picture on the back.


…I like vests, can you tell?

Bye September!

September is coming to an end so I thought I’d finally share what I’ve been up to lately. It’s been one fun month of celebrating!! Fall is my favorite time of year and I always feel like September kicks off the season! Even though we’re still in the 90’s here in Texas… That’s beside the point!

  • Fantasy football- Killing it… Not
  • Mac’s Birthday/leg injury
  • Book club-“The Signature of All Things” That I have yet to start :-/
  • Maw maw’s Birthday celebration-Family time and good food!
  • Nikon D5300!!!!
  • Celebrated my Birthday with a #madeinthe80s Skate party
  • Bachelorette party for Courtney in Port Aransas
  • 3Bs Clueless quote-along
  • Date night with my maw maw to Long John Silvers and Old Navy :)
  • Blonde(r) hair!!
  • Laura’s baby shower
  • Mee Maw’s Birthday celebration- (Dads side) The family got together to celebrate my Mee maws Birthday!

mac, maw maw, nikon
brooke 80s 1
courts bach pics
blonde hair and clueless

I’m especially excited to fill my blog up with beautiful pictures with my new camera! I’ve been having a lot of fun practicing. Expect to see LOTS more non-professionally-edited-but-non-iPhone-pics in the near future!

my pups!

I’m saying bye to September and hello to October!