Happy Halloween!

It’s the end of Blogtober and I’m so excited to reveal my costume!!! Garth! From Wayne’s World! And of course my other half is going to be Wayne! We’re going to a concert tonight, so it’s only appropriate that we dress as Wayne and Garth. IMG_5740 I told my friend Courtney that I was going to dress as Garth today, so she said she’d play along… FullSizeRender Gah, isn’t Halloween the best!?! I’ll have to update the post, when I get a pic with my other partner in crime!

Happy Halloween!!!


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17 facts about me

What a perfect topic to end Blogtober on… I wasn’t consistent through the whole month, but I will have posted 17 posts this month once it’s all over with! That’s more than I normally would have, so I’m happy about it. Also, I loved going to the link up and reading everyone’s posts, especially this one!

this picture is about 5 years old

So today’s prompt… Facts about me. When I think about myself, I always think there’s nothing really *special* to share, just general, boring stuff. Maybe it’s not super boring to others, and I guess I’m just used to my life. But here goes nothin…

1. I’m from Austin, and a 6th generation Texan.

2. My parents got divorced when I was 5 and are now both remarried.

3. I have a brother. He’s 3 years older than me.

4. We were pretty poor growing up.

5. I’m 26 and married to Scott, who will be 34 in December(!!)

6. We have two dogs, Mac and Melvin.

7. We have 0 debt, other than a house payment.

8. My favorite food is Mexican!

9. I’ve never had the chicken pox.

10. I was a cheerleader for about 9 years. But I never really saw myself as a cheerleader type of person.

11. I’m very loyal… but not very patient. My husband could attest to that.

12.I have a terrible memory and sometimes am scared that I will be develop Alzheimer’s disease when I get older, as my grandpa suffered from the disease.

13. I love watching live music and my favorite band is Ween.

14. My husband is my rock. He’s everything I’m not. He just gets me and I’m so undeserving.

15. I have to force myself to the gym, but leave feeling very accomplished.

16. I love watching NFL football.

17. This isn’t my first blog… I created “Loving This Unique Life”(hahahah) about two years ago on a whim and shut it down about a year ago to created Brooke Hamilton Blog. My most popular post is this one, thanks to pinterest.

And I think that’s a good stopping place… I just had too much fun with this prompt! Maybe you found out something new about me? or Maybe we have something in common? Thanks for stopping by!

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Current favorite book

Throughout middle school and high school, I used to dread SSR(sustained silent reading) time. Maybe I just wasn’t picking out the right books? Maybe I was bored? I don’t know, I just didn’t care much for reading…I used to say any book that I finished was my favorite book because it was such a rarity!

But, boy, how the times have changed! I really REALLY enjoy reading now. I’m even a part of a book club that meets monthly. It’s fun because we read all sorts of books, that I might not normally read on my own. Some types of books I prefer are memoirs, fictional stories, twisted love stories… Really anything that’s an easy read and keeps me interested.

My current favorite book is Wild By Cheryl Strayed. This book left me sooo satisfied at the end. I love it! And I’m a sucker for a good ending… but who isn’t?  Wild will take you on a suspenseful adventure, making you want to get up and join Cheryl on the Pacific Crest Trail, as scary and daunting as she makes it sound. I highly recommend it!

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