Our Halloween

Halloween was a bit different for us this year. We celebrated with some friends the day before Halloween, and had early plans the day after Halloween, so the actual Halloween day was pretty chill.

On friday the 30th, we met up with some friends for lasagna and wine and some pumpkin carving at their house. We also played a TERRIBLE Jelly Belly game called BeanBoozled. There are 10 different colors of jelly beans, and 20 different flavors. So for example, you could pick a multi-colored jelly bean and it could be Stinky Socks or Tutti-Fruitti… You wouldn’t know until you bit into it. I used that an the example because it was the ABSOLUTE worst one!!! It was fun game, but oh so cruel!!
FullSizeRender (1)
On Saturday we did some packing for our trip to Dallas as well as cleaned house…Once it was 6 o’clock, I started gearing up for the trick or treaters. Since it was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood, we didn’t really know what to expect. Our neighborhood has a ton of kids, but the terrain and lot sizes are not ideal for trick or treating. As it started to get dark and not one trick or treater had stopped by, I started to get a little worried that we weren’t going to have any. Just as I was about to give up, our first trick or treater came running up our driveway! Not long after that, a whole group of them pulled up on a rope lit trailer pulled by a Ranger. We had about 25 kiddos in total. It was so much fun seeing the costumes and meeting some of our neighbors… Although, I don’t remember anyone’s name! Afterwards, we all packed into the truck and headed North to stay with my parents for the night.
IMG_9282 IMG_9284
We left early the next morning from my parents house in Georgetown and drove to Dallas just in time to tailgate before the Cowboys/Seahawks game. Amazing tailgate, but a terrible game!… and I say that from both teams standpoints. We had a blast with our friends and can’t wait until our next tailgate/game. Driving up the morning of the game and then staying the night afterwards is definitely the way to do it!

A literal angry bird… Which seriously pissed him off that we kept calling him that.


I was all about the selfies on Sunday! haha It really was a great time… I think I might have enjoyed myself a little too much? YOLO, right?!?!

All in all, a really great weekend. I’m not sure how many more holiday’s we will be celebrating with just the two of us before little ones take over, but I sure am glad that we are living our adult lives, and have fun now, just the two of us. I know one day we won’t be able to have these crazy weekends in Dallas with Jell-O shots, flip cup, shot gunning beers, etc.


A weekend for the books…er blog

I realize it’s already November 4th(!!!) but I just have to document the fun weekend we had! Not only was it Halloween, but friends were in town, drinks were had, f1 race track was visited… oh the good times!!

Friday, of course, was Halloween. The night started off with some happy hour drinks with Scott and his coworkers at Little Woodrow’s. Wayne and Garth were already making their debut.


Before we knew it, the sun had gone down, along with three beers, and it was concert time! We hopped on rental bikes and made our way over to Stubb’s. bikin'

John Butler Trio (Scott’s favorite band) put on one heck of a show. Lots of mingling, dancing, singing, drinking, laughing…. Good times! And we saw two other couples dressed as Wayne and Garth too and of course we had to get a picture!


Not Scott’s greatest angle, sorry Scott!!

We biked back to our car once the night was over, and I snapped this pic, which I thought was hilarious! I think Garth had a little bit too much fun for one night!


The next morning I woke up driving the struggle bus, but ended up not being super hungover, which is a win in my book. We took the trek down to San Antonio for Jude’s (our nephew) Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I have not visited one of those in probably 20 years. It definitely isn’t as creepy as it was when we were kids.

We made it back home in the nick of time for me to meet up with some girl friends for dinner! My friend Aly was in town, so it was the perfect excuse to get us all together. We had dinner at Black Finn in the domain and made our way over to Punch Bowl Social for some games, drinks and time together. As always, it was great to see everyone and catch up on everyone’s life!


Sunday came early… Like 7:00 am early. My friend Bailey invited me out to the Formula 1 races on Sunday and I really couldn’t turn the invite down. It was a gorgeous day! It’s kind of crazy to actually see all the people these races bring into our city. I’m not a “fan” of f1 racing like the rest of the world, but I really enjoy going out there! This was the second time out at the tracks for me and this time around I got to do a little bit more exploring. I can’t wait to see a show at the 360 amphitheater.



Happy Halloween!

It’s the end of Blogtober and I’m so excited to reveal my costume!!! Garth! From Wayne’s World! And of course my other half is going to be Wayne! We’re going to a concert tonight, so it’s only appropriate that we dress as Wayne and Garth. IMG_5740 I told my friend Courtney that I was going to dress as Garth today, so she said she’d play along… FullSizeRender Gah, isn’t Halloween the best!?! I’ll have to update the post, when I get a pic with my other partner in crime!

Happy Halloween!!!


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