Melvin won a contest!

So the funniest thing happened last week…

Melvin won a photo contest!

My friend Ashley told me about a calendar contest for dogs here in Austin, hosted by Icenhauer’s, benefiting Austin Pets Alive! I submitted Melvin’s picture via #Icenhauersdogmodelsearch and he was picked for the month of November! haha

the face of a model

We drove over to the bar on a cool/rainy Sunday morning for an exclusive puppy photo shoot for the calendar. Since Melvin is Mr. November, he wore his cozy vest and posed by a group of pumpkins. It’s only appropriate for the month of November, right?!
Melvin was so focused on the birds, squirrels, and people passing by that made it a little difficult to capture a relaxed little Melv. Sit, stay, down… All commands out the window! I must say, he was not the natural I was thinking he was going to be. I think he may need some more practice! Here are some pics I thought were hilariously awkward. He’s totally my dog!
Such a goofball, that one!

After our shoot, we stayed a little longer to wait on our friends Ashley and Miss Molly who also had a photo shoot that day. Molly was picked as Miss April and her pictures came out so adorable!! I mean, she had a flower crown! I can’t even.

We walked next door to Banger’s for brunch and shared a huge mimosa between the two of us. I ordered the french toast and Ashley got the chicken and waffles. Both equally delicious.
After brunch, we made our way back home for some lounging and housework. Such a great morning!
I’ll be sure to post any updates about the calendars and when they are ready. I’m thinking maybe give some away as Christmas gifts?!?


Bye September!

September is coming to an end so I thought I’d finally share what I’ve been up to lately. It’s been one fun month of celebrating!! Fall is my favorite time of year and I always feel like September kicks off the season! Even though we’re still in the 90’s here in Texas… That’s beside the point!

  • Fantasy football- Killing it… Not
  • Mac’s Birthday/leg injury
  • Book club-“The Signature of All Things” That I have yet to start :-/
  • Maw maw’s Birthday celebration-Family time and good food!
  • Nikon D5300!!!!
  • Celebrated my Birthday with a #madeinthe80s Skate party
  • Bachelorette party for Courtney in Port Aransas
  • 3Bs Clueless quote-along
  • Date night with my maw maw to Long John Silvers and Old Navy :)
  • Blonde(r) hair!!
  • Laura’s baby shower
  • Mee Maw’s Birthday celebration- (Dads side) The family got together to celebrate my Mee maws Birthday!

mac, maw maw, nikon
brooke 80s 1
courts bach pics
blonde hair and clueless

I’m especially excited to fill my blog up with beautiful pictures with my new camera! I’ve been having a lot of fun practicing. Expect to see LOTS more non-professionally-edited-but-non-iPhone-pics in the near future!

my pups!

I’m saying bye to September and hello to October!

Dog talk

Two days ago I came across this buzzfeed. It made me cry. A lot.

It reminded me of my dog Lucky, the dog we had growing up. She had three legs too. It also reminded me of our black lab/pit mix, Mac, who would also love to eat cheeseburgers on his last day. It made me think of our dog Melvin, the first dog that’s ever truly been mine. But it especially made me think of how much I will miss them when they’re gone.
iphone pictures 017
water bucket
Dogs are so special to me. Mac and Melvin in particular. It scares me to think about a time when they won’t be with us anymore. I’ll miss the times when Mac does everything in his power to avoid my kisses, and times when Melvin smothers us with licks. I will miss taking them on walks, separately of course, because they can’t handle walking together. I’ll miss when Mac grunts at me and when he gives me cuddles. I’ll miss Melvin’s playfulness and his hugs.
iphone pictures 026

iphone pictures 089

iphone pictures 090

iphone pictures 251

But for now, I’m going to enjoy as much time as I can with these monsters. Dogs are the bestest friends a person can have!