Our Easter weekend celebration!

We got to celebrate Easter over the weekend with both Scott’s side of the family and my side of the family which was FUN! We decided a few years ago that visiting two different families in one day was just too much. It worked out well this year because Scott’s sister Renee was hosting Easter on the Saturday and we were able to see my family on Sunday.


Saturday morning was spent cleaning up the house and working on the boat before it was time to head down to Canyon Lake to visit with Scott’s family. Renee hosted my in-laws, my sister-in-law and her husband and their two little kids and Scott and me for an early Easter dinner. It was great to visit with everyone and see all the kiddos. Jude even brought out his bunnies for me to hold. He’s been raising them for about 1.5 years now and you could tell he was really proud of them. We’re up to 3 nephews and 2 twin nieces. Lots of love to go around in the Hamilton family.

Nephew Rudy, cutest baby EVER!


Our neighbors invited us to Easter service at their church, The Church at Lake Travis. I’ve gone a couple of times but this was Scott’s first time trying it out. We’ve been looking for a church in the area so I was glad he was finally able to join me on Sunday. By the way, I’m really enjoying this church. Sunday kicked off a new series called Believe, which will cover hard questions about faith, God, scripture, etc. I’m really looking forward to it.

From there we drove out to my Aunt Kim’s house in Liberty Hill. She has a huge property with a couple of horses and 3 dogs. I loved getting to catch up with everyone and spend some quality time with family I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. We had a huge lunch followed by some snuggles with my newest nephew, Callen. Some adults went outside to hide the Easter eggs while all of the kids anxiously waited inside. It’s always so fun to watch the excitement unfold as the kids hunt for hidden Easter eggs.

After we got home from Aunt Kim’s house, we had about 2 hours to spare before going over to our neighbors house for ribs. I got in a quickie 40 min workout while Scott finished working on the boat. We headed over to Chris and Maggies house around 6 and had a low key night, which was a perfect way to end our Easter weekend!

Callen Wayne Houston

Last Friday we welcomed my brother and sister in law’s baby boy, Callen. After being notified by my brother at 3:30 am that they were in the hospital, all I could think about for the rest of the day was that baby being born! I guess you could say I was little distracted at work. After work I went straight to the hospital to await his arrival. He ended up making his grand entrance at 6:45 pm Friday night. Both my mom and dad were there with their significant others, along with my sister in law’s parents and both sides aunts and uncles. We were a lively bunch in the waiting room!  Every time we’d hear the door open from the delivery area we’d perk up and look for my brother. At 7:25 pm, we finally saw the door open up and my brother walked out with a smile from ear to ear. He was one proud dad!

The grandparents went back first, then the aunts(me!!) and uncles, then the great aunts and uncles. We were supposed to take turns but when it was all said and done, we had somehow all made our way to the delivery room together. Oh there were tears, lots of them. Callen was the most precious thing. Seeing the parents beaming with pride was icing on the cake.

The next day we were able to visit them in their new postpartum room and brought them lunch from Taco Deli. After eating cafeteria food, they scarfed down their lunch and were very gracious of our delivery. Meanwhile, I got tons of cuddles from Callen. There is nothing sweeter than holding your nephew for the first time. He is precious!

Our backyard makeover!

About a year ago, we started dreaming up ideas of how we could redesign our very lackluster backyard. It was pretty much a blank slate, so the options were endless…. But our budget was not! We found out early on in our design process that landscaping can be very expensive! We met with a landscape+design company here in Austin, which was very eye opening! We were given a lot of great ideas and they created a functional design for our specific measurements/wants/needs. We knew we needed to do a lot of prep-work before implementing the landscaping, so we held off and saved our money. From gutters, to installing and plumbing the 3,000 gallon water tank, hired out for the patio extension, installed the sprinkler system, to finally laying sod. This project has been a long time in the making and we’re now starting to see our ideas come to fruition.

Our motivators were this:

  1. Walking around barefoot!!!
  2. Less dirt and mud. Our backyard was a nightmare after it rained.
  3. Prevent run off/erosion.

Last weekend kicked off our grass party ;) We ordered 18(!!!) pallets of Zoysia grass from The Grass Outlet and they were delivered bright and early Saturday morning at 6:30 am. The grass outlet had the best price, quick delivery and the grass was super fresh. We were really pleased with their service! We had a two truck loads of soil delivered that Friday and rented a bobcat Saturday morning. By 7am, we were ready to get started. The first day always seems to start slow, but we managed to spread about 1/3 of the dirt and lay 6 pallets of sod. Sunday was MUCH more productive and LONG! Thankfully we found a young man on craigslist, which was monumental. We were able to lay the rest of the 12 pallets and still had area to cover at the end of the day. We ordered one more pallet for the backyard and Scott was able to finish over the weekend. During the process of using the bobcat, the front yard got pretty tore up. We went ahead and ordered 6 more pallets of bermuda to finish off the front. I’m thinking of adding a couple of plants as we go, but for the most part, our backyard is set! We’re loving our new yard and GRASS!!!

Ames came out to help us for a couple of hours on Saturday