Pregnancy: Weeks 20-23

Lots of fun things to share this time! As the time goes on, it just keeps getting more and more real that we’re having a baby. Sometimes I still have to remind myself of that fact.

  • We picked out a paint color for the nursery! Scott started painting around week 22, and the room is almost finished! The paint definitely didn’t go as far as we thought so another coat is on the todo list. We chose Benjamin Moore’s old prairie. Very neutral!

  • Our crib was delivered! I actually found this one on Amazon and it had great reviews. I wanted something simple and convertible and this one seemed to fit the ticket. Once we’re finished painting, we’ll start putting furniture together and filling the room.

  • I finally felt the baby move! First at 20 weeks, 3 days, I felt some distinct little kicks and flutters, almost like my tummy was growling something. It wasn’t until around 22 weeks when I felt some really strong kicks. I happened to look down when I felt the kicks and couldn’t believe I could already see them from the outside. That moment was surreal!
  • Feeling like I really popped between week 20-21 but now after writing this recap at 24 weeks it’s kinda laughable. I keep “popping” daily. I love the bump!
  • We had our dog consultation and found out that Melvin is an asshole. Surprise, surprise! The trainer says we have a very tough case and a long road ahead of us but we’re feeling very confident with her teachings! Which reminds me, we need to book our first session!
  • We took a babymoon to Seattle from September 8th-12th which I plan on recapping soon! We had a great little get away just the two three <3 of us.

  • Celebrated my 29th Birthday with a big dinner party at our house. Scott grilled a beef top loin roast and friends brought over yummy sides to share. We had the best time!!!

  • Pregnancy insomnia. :( I wake up like clockwork at 2:30 am and will usually be up until 4. It’s been brutal. My sleep has been all over the place. I usually just lay in bed and think about cereal.

  • Working out… I had such high hopes pre-pregnancy to continue working out the way I was but that just hasn’t happened. With my schedule, the only class I can make it to is at 5:30 am and it has been a STRUGGLE to get up that early with my terrible insomnia. I have been walking daily but it just doesn’t feel like enough.

  • We had another appointment at 22 weeks, 6 days and got to see our healthy baby! The sonogram tech switched from 2D to 3D and we got to see a little bit of our baby’s face. She was being shy and didn’t want any pictures. <3

  • That same day, we were sitting on the couch and she started flipping around. Scott placed his hand on my belly and got to feel her for the first time. She was moving so much!!! He was surprised by the strength of her kicks and punches!
  • I started shopping for the nursery and I’m finally coming up with some sort of theme/color scheme. I also pulled the trigger on a rocker! I’ve been eyeing a rocker at Pottery Barn Kids for the longest time but there was NO way I was going to spend that kind of money on a chair. I happened to check the website over the weekend and saw that they were having a sale. Not only were they 20% off, but the fabric I chose dropped the chair down about $500+. We got a darn good deal!

  • And for the MOST RANDOM tidbit… I got stung by a scorpion on my back!!! Like, what?! It was the weirdest thing. The scorpion was hanging out on my towel and when I went to dry off after the shower and it stung me right on my back. Of course my first reaction was to freak out and cry thinking scorpions were deadly. Scott reassured me that it was nothing more than a bee sting. I mean, the scorpion was about the size of a quarter. After the fact, my reaction was pretty darn funny!

Pregnancy: Weeks 16-19

My pregnancy updates are finally coming at you in real(ish) time! I’m just now starting my 20th week of pregnancy and feeling really good! Here are some of the the notable things that happened during that past few weeks….

  • In my last update I shared that our dogs were acting out and fighting. Well, they haven’t stopped and at this rate, they’re not going to. We finally were able to schedule a dog consultation for August 28th. Unfortunately, we were notified that we would have to reschedule due to hurricane Harvey. So now we’re on the books for September 4th. Really looking forward to getting a professional’s opinion and proper training. Wish us luck!
  • We were gifted our first baby outfit. My mother in law guessed that it was a boy and gave us the most adorable polo onesie. And if you follow me on instagram, you know we’ll be returning it ;) haha

  • We went to visit Renee, my sister in law, down in San Antonio at her ER. She offered to do an early ultrasound around 16 weeks to see if she could find out what we’re having. The baby was cooperating so we got a sneak peek at the gender. We found out that we’re having a GIRL!

  • I feel like I have so much more energy these days!
  • Continued taking prenatal, vitamin D, and iron supplement.
  • The iron supplements have made constipation much worse, ouch! I’ve been counteracting it with benefiber but it’s still very uncomfortable. Very glamorous, let me tell ya.
  • We announced our pregnancy at 17 weeks.

  • Jan, my mother in law, took me shopping for some maternity clothes. Maternity jeans are amazing!
  • Finally looking more and more pregnant!

  • We had our anatomy scan at 18 weeks, 6 days where they confirmed that it’s definitely a girl! Everything else came back great and she’s growing right on schedule. We announced that it was a girl at 19 weeks!

  • I started on my registry. It’s a bit overwhelming but it’s been super fun!

Pregnancy: Weeks 12-15

I realized I didn’t categorize my notes for this update, so it will kinda be all over the place…

  • We were scheduled for our 12 week appointment and ultrasound on July 11th. I was 12 weeks, 6 days. They did the NT scan and four different blood tests. All results came back great with really low risk for abnormalities. One of my tests results did show that I was anemic so I have started taking an iron supplement along with my prenatal.

  • Feeling much better these days and my energy has slowly started coming back. I no longer need after work naps.
  • Pregnancy brain forgot to add water to stuffing mix and basically caught the microwave on fire… The smell didn’t go away for weeks….
  • The crazy dreams continue. One memorable one I had was that Scott bought 4 more boats and I was so pissed with him! Such a weird dream, I know.
  • Feeling like a packed sausage in my jeans. Had to start doing the rubber band trick.
  • My dogs have been acting out big time and it’s really breaking my heart. They have started picking fights with each other to a point where we have to pull them apart. It was happening every once in a while but has since started to happening daily. We’re planning on getting their thyroid checked and contacting a behavioral dog therapist.

  • Finally cashed in my spa day gift certificate from our Anniversary in April. Scott gifted me a facial, massage and pedicure at a spa near us. It was such a treat!

  • I got a mom car! I handed my almost 11 year old car down to my dad and his family and got a mini SUV. I’m loving my new ride!