Hazel: two months old

Two months?! This month seriously flew by! It was huge for growth and development(I’m sure I’ll say that every month.)

  • At 5 weeks we started to notice a visible strengthening in her neck. She can look left and right during tummy time. She is getting so strong!
  • She celebrated her first holiday, Valentine’s Day, at 5 weeks old!
  • We packed away all of the newborn clothes and started using 0-3 month clothes. She’s already grown out of some of the 0-3 month outfits!
  • Moved out of newborn diapers into 1 at 6 weeks.
  • We noticed that she’s got daddy’s feet. Her toes are SO long!
  • Both dogs have shown some concern and protection towards Hazel when she’s crying or when someone else is holding her. It’s the sweetest thing.
  • Started smiling at exactly 6 weeks, which has been the highlight of this month! We were lucky enough to get her first smiles on camera and have captured a lot more smiles since then.
  • She’s really into music! She’ll be really fussy and a couple seconds after turning on the music, she’ll instantly calm down. We’ve been listening to a variety… reggae, John Mayer, Michael Kiwanuka, Van Morrison, lullaby’s and hip hop, She likes it all!
  • 9 times out of 10, she will only burp for mom, every. time.
  • Started “talking” and making oo/ah/ugh noises around 8 weeks.
  • Girl loves to eat and is working her way up to chunk status. She will usually cry when she finishes her bottle haha
  • We had our two month appointment on the 12th and she got her first series of shots. Ugh! That was heartbreaking! But she was only upset for about 1-2 minutes. She’s my little warrior!

Weight: 11 lbs 5 oz in the 48%
Height: 21 3/4 inches in the 16%. She’s a shorty!
Head: In the 88%

Likes: Laying on mom and dad’s chest, bouncer lounger, listening to music/dancing, rocking in the rocking chair with mom, car seat/car rides/stroller rides, being outside, tolerates changing clothes now.

Dislikes: diaper changes, waiting on her bottle when she’s hungry.


Hazel: one month old

February 10th, One month already!!!

I thought for the first month update I would write an update on mom and Hazel since a lot of eventful things happened for both of us during the first month of life.


  • C-section recovery-The c-section itself wasn’t so bad but the recovery has been brutal. It seems as if things got worse before they got better. It’s definitely a really slow healing process for me. The hardest thing for me is the activity and weight restrictions. I can’t wait to be active again.
  • The weight gain, or retention rather-During pregnancy I gained a total of 34 lbs, which was the higher end of the “ok” weight gain spectrum. They say between 25-35 lbs is normal. Since having Hazel, I’ve lost 20 lbs. I’m not concerned or worrying about the next 15 lbs at this point. I’m giving myself grace for my body to heal and trying to stick to a healthy diet since activity level is pretty restricted at this point.
  • My friend Annie set up a meal train, which has been a huge blessing. Having dinner already prepared and minimal clean up is key with a newborn.
  • I had some major lower extremity swelling the first week and a half postpartum. I wasn’t expecting that at all!
  • Started phasing out pain medication around 2.5 weeks postpartum.
  • The pediatrician ordered one dark beer a day to help with breastmilk supply… Ok, Doc!
  • Breastfeeding…ugh! I’ve already written a post on our challenges with this subject. I was producing about 30-60 ml a day before the pediatrician prescribed me Metoclopramide, which is a gut motility stimulator, but can help increase breastfeeding mother’s milk supply. I was willing to try anything, so I took the medication up until 3 week, 6 days, just before we hit the 4 week mark. It was working… but I also noticed that I was constantly drowsy, fatigued, no motivation, and pretty unhappy… Dare I say depressed? I was a walking zombie…It was terrible. The moment I stopped taking the medication, my mind started to clear and I instantly became happier, more loving and caring towards my family. It was like a fog had been lifted from my mind. But at the same time, once I stopped taking the medication, my milk supply became nonexistent. I was pumping 10 ml after 20 min. The side effects I was experiencing just weren’t worth it considering my milk supply was still very low. My baby got 4 weeks of breastmilk. Of the amount I started pumping and tracking, she got 76 oz of breastmilk. A huge victory for us.
  • I started reading Baby Wise, and what a game changer it has been! I realized I was lacking some serious guidance when it came to feedings, sleeping, scheduling and routine. I thought for sure, 4 weeks was too early to start implementing a routine… I was wrong! For a doubtful first time mom, it’s been great. It’s giving me a plan and confidence in implementing it.


  • Breastfeeding: Like I said above, it’s been a huge challenge. Hazel lost quite a bit of weight early on, which required trips back and forth to the pediatrician to track her weight gain. She has primarily been on formula ever since then with supplemental breastmilk. She is now right on track to becoming a chunker, which I couldn’t be happier about. I know “they” always say breast is best, but you know what? It’s not best when your baby isn’t getting sufficient nutrients or ounces. Fed is best and I’m sticking to that concept.
  • We took newborn photos at one week old. She did so well!!! During our first set of photos, she started pooping and not just any poop, like exploding with noises and everything. It was craaaaacking us up. Not very lady like, Miss Hazel! It took a little bit for us to regain composure and move forward with the photoshoot because we couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Early on, Hazel was about 70% daddy and 30% mommy, but she is looking more and more like mom these days!
  • Scott will always pick her up in the morning and say, “alright Hazel, what is the word of the day? Dada! Good girl!” Melts my heart.
  • Nicknames: Hazel-nut, Hazel Basil, Hazel Bagel, Bagel/Basil, Lady, Miss Magoo, Lil Haze(her rap name), Nugget, Nibbler, Witch Hazel(when she’s being bad), Hazzy.
  • Likes: eating, pooping, the rock N play, boppy lounger, car rides, walks in the stroller, (tolerates) baths, being read to/sang to.
  • Dislikes: over the head onesies, diaper changes, cold wipes, being constipated, being hungry.
  • Hazel had her first blowout while power-walking at the mall at 4 weeks old.
  • She has the cutest little chin dimple and I think I’ve even seen a cheek dimple on her left side during a gas induced smile. It’s precious!
  • Weight(home scale): about 9 lbs
How the photoshoot really went…

When things don’t go as expected

I naively thought we would get pregnant naturally… well two years and two medications later, I finally fell pregnant, which I shared here. I had plans of having a natural birth and surprise! Baby Hazel was breech for the entire pregnancy… Leading us to a C-section.

Now we were faced with yet another challenge. I had plans and expectations of breastfeeding our little lady but of course, things don’t always go as expected. Here I am with a 2 week old and primarily feeding her formula. Never thought we’d be in this position, yet here we are.

A little back story.

At the hospital, it’s normal for the baby to lose *some* weight while you wait for your milk to come in. Baby will feed on colostrum, which should be sufficient before your milk comes in. By day 3, Hazel obviously wasn’t getting enough from the colostrum I was expressing because she had dropped down to 15% of her body weight loss. So for the last 2 weeks, we’ve been back and forth to the pediatrician’s office tracking her weight.

The main problem here was that my milk literally never “came in.” I never had that “boobs rock hard, leaking, hurt to touch” feeling. To say I was devastated was an understatement. Trust me, I have tried EVERYTHING. Mother’s milk, drinking tons of water, breastfeeding every 2-3 hours as well as pumping in hopes to increase my supply. Nothing has worked! The pediatrician finally prescribed a medication, Metoclopramide, as a last resort and surprisingly, it has helped!!! But not nearly enough.

Since starting the medication, I’ve gone from 60 ml(about 2 oz in ONE WHOLE DAY) to about 7 oz a day and it keeps increasing daily.

Right now, we’re feeding Hazel about an ounce of breast milk followed by 2-3 oz of formula. She is finally gaining weight, which is my highest priority!

I guess we all have our issues and road bumps when it comes to feeding and I’m glad I’m finally coming to terms with the cards we’ve been dealt. There was a time when I was really, REALLY sad about having to feed her formula, but I’ve since realized that you do what you have to do! And honestly, it’s been nice having the extra help from Scott and the sweet bonding time between both of them.