Pregnancy: Weeks 8-11

These weeks were probably the hardest on me. I took lots of naps and lounged around and I didn’t feel guilty about it!

We had another appointment at 8 weeks, 2 days to confirm pregnancy, since our initial scan just showed the gestational sac. We got to see the heartbeat and I finally had a sense of relief. The weeks leading up to that 8 week ultrasound seemed to drag on.


  • I had the weirdest feeling. I would feel extreme hunger but would have no real appetite. Nothing really sounded good to me. That’s the WORST when you’re starving!
  • But one thing I did crave was…. Taco Bell… Yeah, yeah, I know. Super trashy fast food, but let me tell you, it hit the spot.

Working out

  • One week I didn’t work out at all, and another I got 4 workouts in. Progress! The gym is very hit or miss depending on my schedule. I can only make it to the 5:30 am class so I really have to plan for it.


  • Emotions are still high and crying over the craziest things. Everything will be fine one minute and then all of a sudden I’ll be tired, hungry, grumpy.


  • Still feel like a zombie, especially after work. I’ll get home at 6, crawl upstairs and take a cat nap and come back down at 7. Scott was really great with preparing dinner while I vegged out.
  • Constipation
  • Crazy dreams, for example: One dream featured Scott taking out a group of women on the boat without me(I have NO idea where this came from) and another dream we were celebrating Paul McCartney’s Birthday but he looked like Sylvester Stallone. So weird, right??
  • Lots of on and off nausa and dizziness especially in the morning or after a boat day.

Fun things to note 

  • I finally gave Scott the mug that I had been hiding in my closet for the last two years the morning of Father’s Day.
  • We shared our pregnancy with our parents around 10 weeks on Father’s Day. We spent the first half of the day with my dad and brother/sister in law. I made theses cute little cards and picked up this onesie for my nephew. I wish I would have recorded their reactions because they were priceless. We saw my in laws later that evening and gave them their card. They were so surprised and elated!

  • We saw my mom and maw-maw a week later and shared the news. I wrapped up these cute little booties and recorded her opening it. Of course her reaction is how you’d expect it. She was crying and freaking out and so so excited!

  • I started reading what to expect when you’re expecting.

Pregnancy: Weeks 4-7

I knew I wouldn’t be announcing my pregnancy until I was well into the 2nd trimester but I wanted to be sure to jot down different things I experienced throughout these early weeks.

We found out we were pregnant May 7th, 3 days before my missed period. I called my doctors office right when we found out and they scheduled me for my first appointment on 5/12 at 5 weeks, 2 days. We got to see the gestational sac, but no baby yet.


  • No huge aversions other than red meat.
  • I was craving all things vinegar like pickles and my favorite Italian dressing.
  • Also craving all the carbs, sour candy. Nothing “healthy” except salads with a shit ton of Italian dressing.

Working out

  • Worked out a total of about 10 times in the last 4 weeks. Granted, I was traveling for part of the time, but that’s seriously pretty pitiful. The nausea and exhaustion kept me home and hitting the snooze on my 5 am alarm clock.


  • Cried over a donut shop forgetting one of my donuts. Yes, seriously. Emotions were all over the place!


  • Heightened sense of smell: ugh, you don’t want to be walking the streets of NYC when you’re 7 weeks pregnant.
  • Headaches: Took Tylenol for the first time ever due to a killer headache.
  • Exhaustion, hunger, nausea but no vomiting.

Fun things to note

  • We traveled to New Jersey and New York over memorial day weekend. Traveling during early pregnancy isn’t great, but I survived without any sickness!

The day I found out I was pregnant and how I told Scott

I have to preface this story by saying this is NOT how I intended  or envisioned telling Scott that I was pregnant… It’s funny how things just work out some times.

In my last post, I shared that on May 7th, we found out that we were pregnant. I also shared a cute coffee mug that I had been hiding in the closet for the last 2 years. I was going to use the coffee mug as my way of telling Scott that I was pregnant, ha! That didn’t happen! That idea went right out the window when I saw that positive cheapie pregnancy test. My reaction pretty much gave it away.

Ok, back to the story…

I woke up that morning, took my temperature and saw that my post ovulation temperatures had stayed elevated. This was very much out of the ordinary for me. I knew that we were going on the boat later that day, and drinks would be had, so I took a cheapie pregnancy test just to be sure.

I forgot to look at the test in the allotted 5 minutes, so when I saw that faint positive line, I thought surely, that’s not the real deal. But I couldn’t help myself from getting excited and freaking out. With shock in my voice I gasped, “OMG!!!”

Scott heard me from the bedroom and shot out of bed asking “what, what is it?” He was deep in sleep when he heard the shock, fear and excitement in my voice. So when I went into the room, tears in my eyes, said something along the lines of “I think I might possibly, maybe, I don’t know… be pregnant….”

It took him a minute to process what I had just said and his response was, “oh…” So I started to explain my temperatures and the faint positive on the cheapie stick but how I didn’t look at it in the 5 minutes so I was very doubtful and didn’t actually believe it was a real positive.

Needless to say, we were both very hesitant to get excited.

Later that morning, Scott eventually got up and we went about our normal schedule, had coffee, watched the news, prepared the boat for a day on the lake. Once I had the urge to go to the bathroom again, I was sure to take another test. I took a first response test and there was no denying it was positive!! The line popped up immediately and was much darker than the cheapie. I couldn’t believe it!!!

I went downstairs to join Scott and had the BIGGEST smile on my face. Just from my expression alone, he knew that I had taken another test and that it was for sure positive.

…And that’s just the beginning of our pregnancy adventure!