Hazel: five months old

I feel like this month really flew by! Hazel just keeps getting more and more fun. This baby has seriously been a blessing… I was never around babies much before I had Hazel, but according to everyone, she is a really great baby. She’s so happy and content(as long as she has a nap ;) ) and so much fun to be around. We love our sweet girl!

look at those thighs :)
  • This month we celebrated our first Mother’s Day together as a family. We took a trip out to Marble Falls for breakfast at Bluebonnet Cafe and spent the rest of the afternoon at Becker Vineyards. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Hazel even napped on the go in her stroller!
  • Hazel started rolling over for the first time at 18 weeks! It was very occasional but now she’s constantly rolling over. Although, once she rolls on to her tummy, she can’t roll back over to her back. We have a little rollie pollie on our hands!
  • Transitioned out of the swaddle and into the sleep sack. She’s wearing 6 month clothes and size two diapers… But not for long!
  • She started swim lessons and LOVED being in the water. We’ve been swimming in some friends pools since then too. She was so relaxed, she even fell asleep on her floaty haha! Pool time has seriously helped her get more comfortable in the water. She LOVES bath time now!
  • She is a thumb sucker through and through. It’s totally soothing for her.
  • She loves raspberries and motor-boating her lips. Seriously the cutest thing ever!
  • She’s started grabbing onto her feet and holds on to them, like the happy baby pose in yoga.
  • Hazel has been baby babbling a lot, mostly in the morning, and has so much energy. Mornings are definitely my favorite! Her high pitched squeals and coos kill me!

I can’t wait to see her stats are her 6 month well visit!


Hazel: four months old

It’s pretty obvious that this was my first month back at work, considering this update is so late! I still want to continue to post monthly updates on my little lady, even if she is almost 5 months :)

  • Daycare. So last month I left off with Hazel starting daycare… Well, we’re one month in and it’s been a doozy! The sickness is REAL! She’s had two colds and apparently had a VERY mild case of hand foot mouth disease…I only know she had this after the fact when lucky mom started to come down with it. HFD is SO much worse as an adult. Still suffering 3 weeks later. :( Besides the sickness, daycare hasn’t been terrible. The transition was surprisingly a lot easier than I was anticipating. The first few weeks were very hard but we’ve adjusted well to our new normal. Daycare even said she’s the best baby they’ve ever taken care of… Wonder if they still feel that way? haha!
  • Hazel has started sucking on her hands and fingers, specifically her thumb. It’s really adorable, although I know it’s a terrible habit. She likes gnawing on my knuckle too.
  • Drooly, fussy, gnaws on any and everything. Teething??? TBD.
  • She’s much more talkative and smiley. We say she’s got miles of smiles :)
  • She has started batting and hitting her toys on the bouncer and activity mat.
  • We heard Hazel laugh for the first time 4/29/18. Aunt Gigi’s silly voice tickled her so much!
  • Finally transitioned from the rock N play to the bassinet. Since she hasn’t started rolling over yet, we still swaddle her. She likes it so much better!
  • We put Hazel in her crib at exactly 16 weeks and she slept through the night on the first try!!! Such an independent girl!
  • We noticed Hazel started sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth when she’s concentrating. It’s adorable!

Likes: Kisses on the neck, mirror time, her bouncer

Dislikes: constipation, congestion/the bulb

Hazel: three months old

Hazel Mae is 3 months old! 😍 This month has been SO fun! We’re starting to see her little personality emerge and it’s been so great getting to learn more about our little girl. Here are the fun things that happened this month…

  • SLEEP! Sleep was huge this month! Ever since the time change, Hazel has been consistently sleeping 9-10 hours a night. She will usually go to bed between 8-9 pm and wake up between 6-6:30 am.
  • Starting blowing spit bubbles which apparently is right on target developmentally.
  • She has found her hands and has started licking and sucking on her fingers/hands/knuckles. She favors her left hand. She also likes putting her mouth on my arm and licking too. She’s so drooly!
  • Still doesn’t really like her pacifier unless she’s really tired and trying to put herself to sleep.
  • Mesmerized by the fan and is always looking up at it.
  • Started crying real tears which is the saddest thing!
  • Started playing with and holding her rattle. She loves it!
  • She doesn’t ball up her hands as much and keeps them open and grabs onto things.
  • We are right on the cusp of hearing her really laugh! I heard her laugh in her sleep twice and OMG it was the cutest thing! I can’t wait to see her giggle!
  • Attempting to put Hazel in her crib more often for naps at home. She’s still sleeping in the rock n play in our room but we’re trying to get her used to sleeping in her room.
  • Hazel went to two trial days of daycare before starting full time. She’ll be starting at exactly at 13 weeks. :(

Likes: dancing with mom in front of the mirror, daddy’s gorilla noises.

Dislikes: Being hot and being hungry.