Barbecue spatula + bottle opener

Over the weekend, we drove out to my dad’s place to celebrate Father’s Day with him. We had planned to grill out at the lake, but temperatures were around 97 degrees, which was just too hot for grilling outside! We opted to grill at home first and then make our way down to the park.

It was the perfect opportunity to bust out our stainless steel barbecue spatula from Cave Tools. Burgers and hot dogs were on the menu for lunch, so the spatula came in handy.

Spatula perks:

  1. The spatula is very well made and is heavy duty. Perfect for flipping burgers or even brisket!
  2. Easy clean up. The spatula is stainless steel, so it is dishwasher safe! #wifeapproved
  3. Has a built in bottle opener!!! Perfect for house parties or tailgating in the fall(one of my all time favorite events).
  4. The spatula has one serrated edge, making it super easy to half your patties.
  5. Easy to store hook.

This product is perfect for the man or grill master in your life. My husband really loves how sturdy and easy it is to use. It has a very long handle so it keeps your knuckle hair safe. He also likes that it has a bottle opener built into it. If he has to be outside grilling, at least he’s got easy access to his brews. :)

You can find this barbecue spatula on Amazon HERE or on the Cave Tools website HERE. Cave Tools is also offering 15% off your order with the code SPATULA15.

Happy Grilling!!!


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