My first trip to Iowa

We had a blast celebrating our Aunt Connie over the weekend at her Hoedown Birthday party in Iowa. She has a house and a decent amount of land just west of Des Moines. For the party, she converted her existing barn into an amazing venue. You could tell that she put so much work and detail into the barn and it definitely paid off! I loved seeing everyone in her group of friends come together to put on this party for her. She is the most generous, hard working, fun loving person so she definitely deserved it. It was great visiting with cousins that we haven’t seen since our wedding and their adorable littles. We went to the Iowa State fair and saw lots of barn animals, ate weird fried foods, saw the famous butter cow and road on a couple of questionable carny rides. All in all, a short but great trip up to the Midwest!
barn collage
inside barn
food stuff
inside barn2
fair food
fair exploring
barn animals


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