We bought a boat!

We started talking about a boat shortly after we moved into our new house almost exactly 1 year ago. We live 2 miles from our neighborhood boat ramp and growing up on a boat I was more than excited about the idea of owning one. I didn’t exactly think we’d be owning one less than one year in our new house, but here we are! I’m going to post a more detailed post on tips for buying a used boat and what helped us. This post will recap how we became boat owners!

We loosely tossed out the idea of owning a boat around in March/April but didn’t seriously start looking until June. We looked at a couple of different boats here in Austin from some private sellers on craigslist to some used boat dealers around town. It wasn’t until we came across a boat in Katy that really caught our attention. The seller had it posted on Craigslist and the pictures looked really great!
Scott lined up a time to take a look at the boat. We took off work on Friday, hired a licensed boat surveyor(definitely hire when buying used) and all met up at Lake Conroe at 10:30am.
The process seriously could not have gone smoother. You’d think buying a boat/car off Craigslist seems a little risky, and I’m sure it can be, but that definitely wasn’t the case with us. The seller took great care of the boat and was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions. He had just preformed all the maintenance at the beginning of the season. It was in top notch condition and the surveyor didn’t have any concerns with it. He was actually really impressed, which really solidified our decision. The seller sweetened the deal by throwing in two wake boards, a pair of skis, life jackets, ropes, etc. It was a pretty sweet deal!

After dealing with the finances, the boat was ours! We were on the road back to Austin by 1:30pm.
We’ve spent the last three days out on the lake and there is just something so therapeutic and enjoyable about being on the water. I think we’re really going to have a blast with our new boat!


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