Where did the weekly workout posts go?

You may have noticed that I’ve stopped posting my weekly workouts. Or maybe you haven’t! :)

Either way, I’ve stopped posting my weekly workouts because I met my goal.

Last year I wrote a post about how I wanted to try and hold myself accountable to my workouts by posting a weekly recap of my physical activity. My goal was to track them for a year, and that year is up!
What was the point of posting my weekly workouts?… Well not a whole lot, really. But it did help me see what I was doing. OR wasn’t doing. And that’s really all I was trying to accomplish. I would notice that if I wasn’t doing anything at the beginning of the week, then I knew there would probably be 4 workouts in a row, wed-sat. I also found that Tuesdays are my most frequent day for working out.

One of my resolutions last year was to use all 10 of my classes at my group fitness gym. February was the only month that it didn’t happen! I also changed gyms half way through the year because of our move, but continued to use ClassPass and ended up doing well over 10 classes each month. Mission accomplished!

Although I won’t be documenting my workouts consistently on the blog anymore, I’m still making a conscious effort to maintain at least 4 workouts a week, along with random physical activity thrown in the mix.


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