Anniversary: Year 3

Happy 3 year Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Scott! Gosh, 3 years really flew by. It feels like just a few weeks ago we were planning our wedding and celebrating with our friends and family. These past three years have been nothing short of amazing. The first year of marriage was tough, but I honestly feel like marriage gets better and better with each day.
For our Anniversary, I thought it would be fun to take a look down memory lane. It’s a good reminder of where we’ve been and what’s to come.

Year 1: April ’13-’14
Honeymooned in Honduras
Traveled to Clearwater and universal studios over Labor Day
We were a panda/zoo keeper for Halloween
Hosted a HUGE Super Bowl party and Scott smoked a pig
Dyed my hair brown
Traveled to pagosa springs and skied wolf creek in February
Participated in our 1st BBQ competition
Celebrated our 1st Anniversary with a staycation in Austin

Year 2: April ’14-’15
Vacationed in cancun
Scott left job at CSD for start up
Went to Rockport with Brooke’s family
Cowboys game in Dallas with friends
Wayne and Garth for Halloween
Nephew Billy was born
Murder mystery themed New Year’s Eve party
Remodeled our (old)bathroom
Went skiing with Scott’s family in Telluride, Thane and Amy joined
Went to Boston with Scott for a work meeting
2nd BBQ cook off in the books
I have blonde hair again!
Dinner at Contigo for our 2nd Anniversary

Year 3: April ’15-’16
Scott returns to CSD job!
Spent the weekend in San Antonio celebrating Milo’s Birthday
Brooke went on a girls trip to New Orleans
Our twin nieces were born
Prepped and put our house on the market
2 weeks later, went to Costa Rica for vacation and a friends wedding
Sold our house!
Bought a house! And moved in August 1st
Cowboys game in Dallas with friends
Hosted the Hamilton’s at Christmas
Took a mini trip to SLC to ski Alta and Park City
Took a trip with the in-laws to keystone and skied with our nephew
Brooke went on a girls trip to Cancun for a Bachelorette party
Celebrated 3rd Anniversary

This list truly makes me feel hashtagblessed. :) It seems like I’ve done more in these three years than I have in a life time. I’m incredibly happy to be walking through life with my best friend by my side.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary: Year 3

  1. “I have blonde hair again”….this totally made me laugh!!! That’s a fun first 3 years. Love seeing the pretty wedding pictures.

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