Weekly workout

Week 3/6-3/12


  • Todd Pilates: My favorite classes for sure!
  • Rollerblading in my neighborhood


  • Cardio express at Dancers Shape! Omg Jannell is a beast and really pushes you to your limits!

Week 3/13-3/19


  • Barre 3 at the Hill Country Galleria: 1 hr of solid work. I love this barre class because I actually leave sweaty!


  • Starting off the week with Todd Pilates. Monday had me down for the count so I didn’t get to kick off the beginning of the week on a high note. But Todd Pilates on a Tuesday works just as well for me!


  • Define Body: Barre/pilates seems to be the theme this week.


  • Define revolution: Kyndal met me for a hardcore spin class at Define, one of our favorite studios. It’s always so much fun working out with friends.


  • Kyndal and I did a repeat class at Define for some spinning to kick off our weekend on a high note.

One thought on “Weekly workout

  1. Hey, great post really good read! I’ve just started a blog, I’m 25 and looking to go a year sober, crazy right? I always drink so am looking at the social aspects it’s going to throw up, also health,gym and fitness thrown in there.. Enjoy your day :)

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