weekly workout

Week 2/21-2/27


  • Met up with some ladies from ClassPass and walked around the Mueller farmers market. It was a little drizzly, but quite nice! I brought Melvin along.



  • Ran town lake trail… It was exactly what I needed for a Monday.



  • Ro Fitness-Tarrytown: It was my first Ro fitness class and it was AMAZING! No wonder there are never any spots available at the Downtown location. I’m so happy they’ve opened up the new location because there are a ton of classes available for booking!

Week 2/28-3/5


  • Cardio wild card at Dancers Shape… I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that there haven’t been a ton of classes available for Dancers Shape at 6am, but I happened to check the schedule on Tuesday and saw a couple 6am classes! I’m so excited to have some of my favorite classes back in rotation!


  • FitAustin: Another TRX class that kicked my butt! I was sore throughout the weekend.

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