How to host a Brewery tour for your husband’s Birthday

Back in December we rented a van and took a group of our friends on a Hill Country Brewery Tour for Scott’s 35th Birthday, Scott’s Tour de Beer! We didn’t book this event through a company or tour guild. We straight up rented a 15 passenger van, I was the DD and 13 of us piled in to a van for a Brewery tour.
FullSizeRender (2)
the van

  • Pick at least 3 breweries to visit

We initially had four destinations on our tentative itinerary…

  1. 12:00 Real Ale Brewery
  2. 2:00 Twisted X Brewing
  3. 4:00 Last Stand Brewing
  4. 6:00 Jester King Brewery

A little ambitious, huh?

Surprisingly, we came pretty close to sticking with the schedule. I think we were only 20 min behind when we arrived at stop #1. We ended up trying Real Ale Brewery, Twisted X and ended the tour at Jester King. We knew Jester King we super fun for big crowds and we wanted to arrive before sundown so we nixed Last Stand, which was definitely the right choice.

  • Create a fun playlist

I created a playlist with Prime music with a variety of tunes. I started off with something more mellow with some early 90’s alternative rock, which evolved over the course of the tour to 90’s hip hop. Artists like Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Jane’s Addiction, Vanilla Ice(Ha, crowd pleaser!), Run DMC. Then we turned it up a bit with B.I.G., 2Pac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Drake and A$AP rocky. We had a BLAST towards the end of the night.

  • Provide snacks and sandwiches

Since this was an all day affair, we knew we needed to provide food for everyone. We brought some fruit, individual packaged chips, a variety of pre-made croissant sandwiches, thanks Costco! It was easy. Also, Jester King has a pizza stand at their brewery, which was an option for people to.

  • Surprise the group with a special treat

I figured I’d surprise the group with a special treat on stop #2 to keep the momentum going. Mini Fireballs all around! Individual alcohol bottles, little care packages, maybe a personalized koozie would be fun treats too.

And now for the pictures to go along with the tour!

Real Ale
twisted x
twisted x 2


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