Weekly workout

It took me some time to get last week’s post together, so I’m just going to bundle both weeks of workouts, 1/24-1/30 and this week 1/31-2/6, all in one post!

Week 1/24-1/30


  • FitAustin: One of my favorite studios! Lots of leg work, getting ready for my ski trip!


  • Define: Revolution: Just three of us at the 6am class. Fun upbeat music to get us through a really tough ride!



  • A crazy intense class at OTL fitness. My friend who owns the gym was hosting an intro class Saturday morning so I decided to sign up! Finally, the perfect opportunity to try out his gym. It’s a shame I live so far away, because I’d love to make regular appearances there!
  • TONS of yard work in the late afternoon. Scott trimmed the tree, I bundled and hauled the scraps up front.

Week 1/31-2/6


  • Yard work: bundled up the rest of the tree limbs, raked up leaves/rocks in the backyard and bagged it all up in a lawn bag. We had 5 full bag!



  • Cycling at Resolute fitness


  • FIT Austin: TRX class… it’s like the trainer knew I went out the night before. Not a ton of cardio this time, but a lot of shoulder/mobility technique work.


  • Jazzercise in Georgetown: I talked my mom and sister in law into meeting me for a class before our nail appointment on Saturday. OMG it was so much fun! Our instructor was intense and so energetic! We were all pretty sweaty afterwards!

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