Fitness lover’s wish list

As I was going through my amazon wish list, I realized I had a bunch of fitness related things on there and decided to compile them here in case you have a fitness lover in your life! Or if you’d like to get yourself a special treat for Christmas, totally do that too! Most of these items are on Amazon Prime, two day shipping, baby!
FullSizeRender (1)

  • Yoga mat: My old one is starting to fall apart.
  • Yoga mat towel: I never knew you needed a yoga mat towel, but whoa, after taking a hot yoga class it’s so necessary.
  • Polar heart rate monitor: a friend of mine has this heart rate monitor and she loves it! I’m always impressed with the amount of calories burned. I’m very curious to see how many I burn when working out!
  • Strappy sports bra: because, why not?
  • Foam roller/The stick: It’s a love/hate relationship with the stick. When my legs are really sore after a squat sesh the day before, a foam roller or stick is totally necessary.
  • Burts Bees face wipes: Since I work out before work, these little things come in handy big time.
  • Columbia down jacket: I could use another fluffy/neutral colored jacket for skiing this year!
  • Petite gym bag: once again, perfect for my morning workouts before work.
  • Fitbit Surge fitness watch: This is a huge splurge, but I hear that people LOVE their fitbits. This one tracks GPS, heart rate, steps/workouts, monitor sleep, wireless sync with computer/cell phone, etc. It’s the all in one package!

2 thoughts on “Fitness lover’s wish list

  1. I really wanted to upgrade my FitBit, I had the flex, but I didn’t get the running info that I needed from it. The Surge sounds perfect!! (But then I was gifted an Apple Watch). I still might have to put that on my “just because” wish list. Hope Santa was good to you. :)

    1. Our Christmas was great. I’m having a really fun time with my new camera lens! I shared my amazon wish list with my mother in law and I actually got a lot of these items! I was definitely spoiled this year. The apple watch sounds really cool and super handy. Maybe I’ll keep that in mind for a splurge gift. :)

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