Weekly workouts 11/29-12/5

Being the week after Thanksgiving, it was SO hard to get back into a routine after being off work for 4 days. I eventually made my way back into my favorite studios for some killer workouts.


  • Barre Express at ToddPilates: Always a great class to start my day with. The energy at the South location pumps me up! The trainer there is so sweet and encouraging too.


  • Define Revolution: getting cardio in one way or another. Cycling is always a good option for me. I especially like to fit it in before work. Although, this morning was ROUGH! Two glasses of wine the night before wasn’t the best idea.
FullSizeRender (8)
Oh the joys of changing in your work restroom in a tiny little space.


  • Boxing at Austin Boxing Babes: once again, got an amazing work out and really felt it the next day. Boxing does wonders for my arms, rotator cuffs and back.



Athletic conditioning: becoming one of my favorite classes and my favorite studio, Dancers Shape.


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