Weekly workouts 11/22-11/28


  • Barre3: My first time trying barre 3 in the Hill County Galleria. I loved that the class incorporated cardio with barre. Cardio is not my favorite, so if I can sneak it into a fun barre class, that’s a huge plus! I can’t wait to go back. It doesn’t hurt that it’s only 15 min away too!

FullSizeRender (3)

  • Pilates mat at ToddPilates: Gearing up for Thanksgiving week with lots of workouts. Gotta stay strong during the holidays.

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  • Austin Boxing Babes: I’ve been searching for a boxing class, and finally got the guts to try this one. It can be intimidating at first to try new classes, but boy am I glad I got my booty into this one. I LOVED the boxing class I used to take at my old gym, which consists of a room full of body bags and combo work. Basically nonstop cardio for 1 hr. This class was MUCH different than what I’m used to. ABB is an all woman’s studio with a legit dojo arena style gym. The woman behind the gym is a freakin boss! And I was lucky enough to take my first class with her. It’s all about technique and correct form at this studio, with some circuits, core work, and a little bit of playful spar. With more practice, I can see this becoming one of my favorites! I’ll definitely be back.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Scott and I did this workout, followed by our own personal Turkey Trot around our neighborhood! We’re ready for our Thanksgiving feast!


3 thoughts on “Weekly workouts 11/22-11/28

  1. Great week of workouts! I love sneaking my cardio into my Barre classes too, since cardio is just not my favorite. I’ve really been wanting to try a Pilates mat class at a local studio but I’ve never done Pilates before. Is it at all similar to Barre or Yoga?

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