Thanksgiving Survey

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m starting the day bright and early at 5:30 this morning. I think my body is conditioned to my early morning workouts, or maybe I’m just excited to get the day started and to be with my family. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all. I love getting to spend time with family, the traditional Thanksgiving feast, fall weather and fall clothing. I hope you get your share of yummy turkey and family time today too!

I got the idea for a Thanksgiving survey from my favorite blogger Julie. Feel free to play along and answer some questions in the comments section! Here goes….

1. Favorite Thanksgiving food item?

My aunts green bean casserole. I’ve been making it for years and everyone always wants the recipe. It’s delish!

2. Favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Running the Turkey Trot with my then boyfriend, now husband, in 30 min! The Austin turkey trot is a 5 mile, hilly run and I ran the entire thing in 30 min. I was so proud of myself haha I also have fun memories of chilly Thanksgiving mornings, watching my dad fry a turkey out on my mee maws back porch. It love the smell of fried turkey.

3. Do you go to a movie on Thanksgiving?

I can’t remember I time that I’ve gone to a movie on Thanksgiving, but I think that’s a thing…

4. Any Thanksgiving foods that you do not like?

Cranberry sauce and gravy. I’ve finally come around to liking stuffing and green bean casserole(done the right way). I used to hate green bean casserole.

5. How do you feel about stores interrupting Thanksgiving now by starting their sales on Thanksgiving day?

I’m not a fan. I feel like all stores should be closed on Thanksgiving. Everyone should be with family or friends on Thanksgiving, not working or fighting crowds to get a good deal. No “thing” is worth it.

6. Do you hit up the sales on Thursday/Black Friday or do you avoid them like the plague?

Not particularly. The only sale I will participate in is an online sale. I try to order my Christmas cards on Thanksgiving or Black Friday because I’ve learned throughout the years that they go on major sale! ALSO I love the campaign that REI is running right now. #OptOutside I usually spend Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, transforming my house into a winter wonderland and put out all of our Christmas decorations! So much fun.

7. Do you typically run a race on Thanksgiving or go on a run on your own or take the day off?

I have done the Austin Turkey Trot a couple of times, but it sometimes interferes with our Thanksgiving plans. I do try and get a workout in before the day begins. Today we’ll be doing this workout followed by a run in the neighborhood.

8. Do you prefer a big get together for the holiday or to keep it small?

We usually visit a few different family members on Thanksgiving, and it’s usually a medium size group. It’s nice because I get to see more family but still keep it intimate.

9. What is your food assignment for this year, are you in charge of the whole thing or are you going out to eat?

This year, I am doing NOTHING! Which is pretty rare! But I’m not complaining. It’s been so relaxing! Very thankful for family that is making Thanksgiving dishes to share with us. :) Although, we’re hosting Christmas dinner, so we’re not totally getting off easy.

10. What time do you typically eat Thanksgiving dinner?

Lunch time.

…We’re off get our workout on!!! Have a great day.


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