Fashion: 1 Dress, 2 Ways

Now honestly, I don’t see myself as a fashionista, but I enjoy clothes and coming up with cute, simple, low maintenance outfits. I’m not one to wear expensive designer clothes, or even stay on trend. I just wear what I’m comfortable in and buy clothes that fit my lifestyle/budget. I don’t have a ton of extra cash to spend on clothes, nor would I want to if did, so budget friendly clothes are important to me. I always love trying to change up my outfits with accessories, layers, and shoes, which is exactly what I did here:
One dress, purchased through an instagram boutique (damn you FlauntBoutique!), styled in two completely different ways. Apparently, this earthy shade of wine red is the color of season and can be found everywhere you look these days.

On the left, I was co-hosting a Safari themed baby shower that afternoon, so I picked out my animal print scarf and paired it with some black leggings and some faux suede booties.

Dress | Scarf (similar) | Leggings | Booties

On the right, I was off to the Junior League Christmas Affair and I knew I wanted to be comfortable, and wear something breathable because I remembered it being pretty warm last year. I kept it pretty simple with a blanket scarf and my brown riding boots. I also found a cute hat at the Christmas Affair that really made the outfit!
Dress | Scarf | Boots | Hat (similar)

Well, that was really fun! Playing pretend fashion blogger for the day wasn’t so bad… Maybe I can make this a regular occurrence?….MAYBE is the the key word there. Stay tuned!


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