Weekly workouts 10/25-10/31

I’m trying to get as much work in as possible this week as we’ll be heading to Dallas on Sunday for the Cowboys game, which I’m sure lots of food will be consumed as well as adult beverages.


  • Spin class at Define: 45 min of hard core spinning. Nothing better then spin workout to get your heart rate up. Kyndal joined me for a 6 am class! Bless that girl-45 min


  • Todd Pilates: yay!!! Finally back at one of my favorite studios. I went a lot when we lived up north because the studio was 5 min away. I’ve been a bit nervous to try the studio down south because I thought it was going to be too far away. Only took me 30 min to get there, which is no different than any other studio I travel to in the morning. So happy to add pilates back into my schedule!-45 min
  • Running in the neighborhood…Gotta take advantage of this awesome weather!-1 hr


  • Kor180: 30 min spin/30 min pilates… Really love this class-1 hr

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