When your dog gets a hold of craft paint…

I’m sure you can already see where this is going just from the title of the post…

Melvin. craft paint. carpet.

dun dun dun.
I received that picture yesterday morning just as I was arriving to work from a very unhappy Scott. Immediately I freaked out because I knew exactly where this paint was in the house. It was upstairs in our little loft area just off the catwalk. Upstairs means c a r p e t…. yikes!

There are days when Melvin and Mac are just absolute nuts and yesterday was one of those days. Melvin will steal things, eat things, stab his leg while counter surfing(that’s another story for another day), etc. This time, he decided to sneak upstairs, steal this little bottle of blue paint and go from room to room gnawing until he was caught. When Scott found him, there was paint in the loft that trailed into our room in a couple of different spots. Oh and if you’re wondering, I did look up if acrylic paint is toxic to dogs, and apparently it’s not. But lucky for Melvin, it was mostly on the carpet and his beard, not in his belly.

aye yi yi

With a little bit of scrubbing, the paint came up pretty well. Melvin got the ultimate punishment though because Scott scheduled a big professional vacuum cleaner to clean up his mess. Thankfully, we’re back to having perfectly clean carpets again. Two months in our new house and we’re already scheduling a carpet cleaning, damn.
If anything good comes out of this mess, it’s that Melvin has seriously prepared us for the worst case scenario in child rearing. I mean, raising a little can’t be any worse than raising Melvin, right??? Little turd.


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