Labor Day weekend

This is how I feel on Tuesday after Labor Day.
Melvin can’t even.

What a glorious and much needed 3 day weekend we had. We used the extra time to our advantage and ended up being very productive. A few things we did with our extra time this weekend…

  • Visited with our Aunt Connie who was in town for our nieces baptism. She brought over two fall pumpkins for us. I can’t wait to break out all of my fall decor.


  • Finished painting our TV stand and hutch. We moved them inside and got our entertainment area all squared away.

IMG_8548 IMG_8589

  • Finished the fence and gate.
  • Scott got rid of trash and scrap material left over from the fence build.
  • Attended our twin nieces baptism in San Antonio. I got lots of time holding and feeding one of the 8lb baby girls. It was sweet.


  • Drafted our teams for fantasy football! #Sundaysareforfootball
  • Watched the first UT game of the season with family.
  • Spent time with friends(and drank too much wine) on Sunday night eating dinner and playing the hat game.
  • Celebrated Mac’s 9th Birthday!
  • Bought a new couch!
  • Shopped for decorations for the guest bedroom and the gallery wall.

It was a productive weekend, but not the stressful kind that leaves you exhausted afterwards. Spending time with friends and family is so refreshing and rejuvenating for my soul. Weekends are even better when you get to see your family/friends and still have time to check stuff of your ToDo list!


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