Catching up

We’re officially residents of Lakeway! Last time I left off, we were just about to move. Well… we moved, and we’re getting all settled in. We’ve been in our new house for just over 3 weeks now. Time is seriously flying by. Since we didn’t take any time off from work, most of our free time has been spent getting the house together and organizing rooms. Yes, we’re still doing that! I don’t know how people move in one weekend and are completely settled by the next. Not us!

So, a couple of updates to catch you up on…

Einstein moving: I wanted to mention our movers, Einstein moving. We chose Einstein after asking Facebook for recommendations, and a couple of people mentioning them. They had great reviews and quoted us lower than some other big name movers so it was the right choice. Hiring movers is not cheap, but it’s so worth it! And if you find a company that does an amazing job, and is more affordable than the others, than it is worth all the money! Our guys were super friendly and had a great attitude, which can be tough when you’re moving in 100 degrees temps in Texas. Poor guys! Not only were they nice, but all of our things were wrapped with blankets, then shrink wrapped and everything arrive in perfect condition! I was really pleased with the quality of service and how they handle their clients.

We closed on our new house on 7/30/15!! Of course I had to get our picture. Monumental day for us, folks!
We’ve done two little projects so far. Painted the garage floor with special stain resistant paint and painted a shelf to go on top of the washer and dryer. Very minor projects, but very helpful and necessary. Hopefully the garage will stay clean and shelf will keep things from falling behind the washer/dryer.
laundry room
I have been on a crazy shopping spree… (oops!) but really only buying things that are necessary… Besides my trip to Hobby Lobby. Those things were not necessary, but all so adorable! They have really turned their store into much more than just a craft store! Also, I’ve gone to Ikea more in my life than I care to admit. You know, I really don’t like that store. You can’t really beat their price when it comes to curtain hanging hardware though.
Lots of hanging going on in the house. I feel like when you start to hang stuff, it starts feeling more homey and official. We’ve hung some blinds, curtain rods, pictures, hooks, etc. We are buying blinds little by little and installing them as we go. The office and downstairs guest bathroom are complete! Next up, dining area bay window treatments.

hanging stuff
laundry room/loft area(curtains coming soon!)/entry

It seems as if we’ve come up with a little tradition around our house… Sundays are spent at the lake. Or at least while the temperatures are still in the 90’s. Although we didn’t get to participate last weekend, it has become such a joy and much needed break from everything. It’s nice that it’s free, it’s chill and it’s 2 miles from the house.
lake day
There are so many more things I could catch you up on, but I think this is a good stopping point. I’ll be sharing more on my instagram account if you want to stay up to date on the #hamihome. We finally have internet now, so hopefully posts won’t be so sparse! Thanks for stopping by!


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