Weekly workouts 8/9-8/15

I wanted to start my weekly workouts post a little different this week by mentioning some behind the scenes info on how I get through my workouts. There are a few components that help fuel my workouts… the food I eat, accountability and the music I listen to are all things that get me mentally and physically pumped up.


Water: It’s very important to me that I drink a lot of water throughout the day, but especially before a workout. Drinking water before a workout helps me stay hydrated in this brutal Texas heat. I still drink little sips of water throughout the workout as well.

Food: Depending on the time/type of workout I do, depends on what I eat. But usually, I don’t eat before workouts. Don’t take my advice because I’m not a certified trainer or nutritionist, this is just what works for me personally. I do a lot of 6am workouts and eating before makes me feel sick. I tend to eat right after a workout, usually yogurt, a piece of fruit and dry cereal. With evening workouts, I usually eat a granola bar before, and then refuel afterwards with a hearty dinner, ex: protein, vegetable, and carb/starch.

Smoothies/Juice/Protein Powder/Supplements: Occasionally, I will get a post workout smoothie/juice with supplements or protein if I know I won’t be getting any right after a workout. This is something I’ve been working on and trying to fit into my routine more consistently. I know how important protein is pre and post workout, but I still feel like I have a lot to learn about when/how/why I should be taking it.

Protein/supplement options: ETB Pre-workout energy, ETB Weight loss, ETB Tone, ETB Muscle Recovery


ClassPass: ClassPass has helped keep me accountable in such a big way! Group classes are a big motivator for me, and I find so much joy in them. When I really like a class, it makes it that much easier to get up at 5 am and make it to class. Since classes are scheduled online ahead of time, I’m less likely to cancel a class, especially if it’s within the late cancellation time frame. You won’t catch me paying a late cancellation fee!

Posting my weekly workouts: To me, posting my workouts have helped a lot. Even if these posts are just for me, I find that it truly holds me accountable and helps track what I’ve done for the week. I’ve been tracking my workouts since March and I’d like to continue for a year… That’s a lot of weekly posts, but worth it!


Because I do a lot of group class workouts, I don’t get a choice in music. But when I’m working out by myself, either running or rollerblading, I have quite the diverse playlist. I have a strong love for hip hop and drake and that’s a sure way to really pump me up! But sometimes I like to listen to Foster The People playlist on Pandora, which is really fun and motivating. Occasionally, I’ll go on morning runs, and I like to listen to soft mellow music, like Fleet Foxes, The Lumineers, Ray LaMontagne, etc. This music is very calming to me and helps take my mind off the actual running part of running ;)

… Now onto my regular scheduled weekly workouts post!


  • Zenergy Pilates-I tried barre this time. The staff there was really welcoming, encouraging and friendly and very hands on to make sure you had good form which I loved.


  • The Lagree Studio– Another new to me studio in my new neighborhood. The workout definitely left me feeling shaky all over! I didn’t feel super welcomed, but I guess I can’t solely judge a studio on friendliness at a 6am class. I’m willing to try another class, maybe evening will be better. It’s slim pickings out in the Lakeway/Bee Caves area so I’ll take what I can get, especially if it’s a good workout!


  • Cycling at Resolute Fitness-I haven’t cycled in what seems like forever! This was a tough class, but I’m glad I was able to finally make it over to this studio and try it out.


  • Athletic conditioning at Dancers Shape– I’ve raved about Dancers Shape before and have now found my most favorite class that they offer. It was the perfect mixture of barre, core, and balance. But honestly, I haven’t taken a class there that I didn’t like.

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