Goodbye Jordan Lane

Today we say goodbye to our house on Jordan Lane.
We closed on Jordan about two weeks ago, and since our buyer was flexible on her move-in date, we were able to lease back until we closed on the new house. It’s been a wild ride, this whole selling/buying process and I’m so happy that it’s coming to a close. I have no doubts that the new buyer will love Jordan as much as we do.
Sidenote: I actually know the lady buying our house! She and I played kickball against each other a few times and we go to the same gym. Austin is such a small world, I swear!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit sad leaving this home. Jordan Lane holds a lot of memories for us. It was Scott’s very first home. It’s gone from bachelor pad and roommates, to newlywed/married life. It’s the only home that #macandmelvin know. So much love and effort and work has gone into ol’ Jordan Lane. A specials thanks goes to Jonathan and his amazing woodworking skillz for all the custom cabinetry throughout the house, my mom for helping me paint the entire house the brightest blue and green because it needed “more light”…haha and of course, thanks to Scott for sharing his first home with me, and for helping make it “ours” when we got engaged.

We have had some great memories with friends and family over at Jordan Lane and hope to continue the good times in the new casa. You may have to drive a little bit further to get to us, but I can promise you that you’ll appreciate the bigger space for Super Bowl parties! ;) (cough cough super bowl 2014)

As much as I’ll miss Jordan Lane, I can’t help but be so excited about our new house, new neighborhood and the new memories we’ll be making. I think it’s going to be a completely different lifestyle out by the lake, and I can’t wait to experience it!…Now who wants to help us move!?!  ;)


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