Eats on 8th:Georgetown

This week has been crazy as we are doing last minute packing and organizing for our move on Friday(!!!) but on Tuesday, we were able to sneak away for dinner at Eats on 8th in Georgetown. We wanted to take my stepdad, Bob, out to dinner, as a treat to show him how much we appreciate his help with fixing up our old house and for lending us his tools, trailer, etc. My mom is out of town right now, so it was just the three of us.

We’ve never been to Eats on 8th, and since my parents live in Georgetown, it was a great time to visit.
The restaurant is located in an old historic house in downtown Georgetown, which is charming in itself. We were able to walk right in and get a table immediately, which does not happen in Austin. They serve locally grown ingredients and they aim to create the farm to table experience, which you can taste in their incredibly fresh and yummy food. Scott even mentioned that he would have been happy with anything on their menu! They had a lot of great choices. But this is what we ended up getting…

Starters: Wedge salad and the scallop ceviche.

Main course: Scott-Lobster mac n cheese, Bob-Grilled trout, Brooke-Semi-boneless half chicken.
Eats on 8th
We were all really satisfied with our dinner and left feeling stuffed! Eats on 8th would be a great spot for date night, or lunch on the weekend. Super cute, great food, and a really nice staff! I called my mom on the way home and told her about dinner and I could tell she was feeling a little left out… I guess Bob will just have to make it up to her one evening when she gets back in town ;) I know she’ll love it!


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