weekly workouts 6/14-6/20

This weeks recap will be a little bit different since I was in Costa Rica for the last 9 days and I wasn’t doing my regular scheduled workouts. I did manage to get a lot of activities in during my stay in Costa Rica! What a fun and beautiful country! I hope to do a full recap of the trip in the next few days…But for now… my weekly workout, via Costa Rica adventures!


  • Hiking and zip lining through Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • Coffee, sugar cane and chocolate tour



  • Hiking in the Monteverde reserve. Didn’t see much wildlife but we did see a beautiful waterfall, which was a serious hike to get to.


  • Canopy tour, zip lined 10 different lines
  • Hiking up to a water slide and sliding down through the jungle
  • Horseback riding


  • Walking and swimming in the beach
  • Snorkeling and swimming in the ocean during the sunset cruise



  • Walking the town of Coco, about 7 min from where we were staying.


  • Not as eventful, considering a lot of us were hurting the day after the wedding on Friday, but I manage to walk the beach and swim in the beach… Follow by lots of pool time on a lounge floatie!

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