Things I’m loving Friday #6

Hello and Happy Friday everyone! Before we start celebrating the weekend, here is a short list of a few things that are making me smile on this Friday!

  • A flattering swimsuit

With summer here, a new suit is a must. And what better excuse to get a new one other than a beach vacation! The one negative about swimsuit shopping is that it’s hard/can be a downer. 1. You’re white and ashy from winter. 2. It’s a tiny piece of cloth that is supposed to give you appropriate coverage. 3. A good quality suit is expensive. 4. Age appropriate. BUT this year, I got relatively lucky and found a really adorable suit that fits all the criteria. It was fairly priced, not too young looking, and I feel comfortable in it, as in it’s not too low and it covers my ass. That’s a win in my book. If you’re looking for a quality suit too, I recommend Dillard’s! Ton of selection for all sorts of sizes and styles.

FullSizeRender (3)
Blue is inexpensive:Old Navy/Green is quality:Dillard’s
  • Swimsuit cover up

On the topic of swimsuits, a swimsuit cover up is necessary for summer as well. Target wins once again… Target does not have the best swimsuit options(<-super funny open letter to target swimsuit buyer), but cover ups, they got it going on. I found this adorable mint cover up for $20 bucks. They have 4 different colors to pick from too.

  • House on the market

If you missed my post yesterday, I wrote about our final house update before it is listed on the market. It’s actually being listed today(!!!). I’m really excited to see what kind of attention it will get, and hear feedback from people! Crossing my fingers that we get a lot of interest! A few have asked about where we are looking or if we have looked at any houses. In this market, we can’t really do serious searching until our house is under contract. We need to be able to put in an offer right away if we come across a winner while looking at houses. If we were to start looking now, they most likely will not be available when we are ready to put in an offer. As far as where we are looking… Everywhere! Our commute is flexible, which makes location a tad bit harder to narrow down. We’ve told each other the location will just depend on the right house. We’re willing to move where ever that may be. But mostly looking in Southwest Austin, Northwest Austin, Anderson Mill. Top priorities: nice size yard, community, good schools, updated house, and trees. Wish us luck!
FullSizeRender (2)

  • Carry on suitcase and Gym bag

For some reason here lately, I have become apprehensive about checking my bag while flying and have opted to only use a carry on when possible. I have never lost a bag when traveling, but the thought of it never arriving to my vacation destination just doesn’t sound like a fun time. And if I can avoid that, then I will! I found a great suitcase on Amazon, of course, that fit my needs perfectly. After reading a few reviews, and picking out a fun color, I ordered it and it arrived two days later! On the subject of bags, I have been looking for a nice sized, not too big, not too small gym bag for quite some time and I finally struck gold when I went to Sam Moon earlier this month. It was really affordable and exactly what I was looking for. It will also double as my personal bag when I travel.

…and that’s how you pack for 10 days in Costa Rica
  • Amazon Prime Music

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the pre-made playlists on amazon prime music. Have you heard of the pure awesomeness that is Amazon Prime Music?? You can listen to playlists, create your own playlists, skip songs without any punishment, add songs to your music library, download songs onto your mobile device and listen (even on airplane mode)…. I’m telling you! Prime music is a game changer! To get access to prime music, you have to be a prime member. It won’t work if you’re a shared prime member though, you have to be the prime account holder. #iloveamazon

  • Denali

To end my list, this video. A beautiful, heartbreaking man’s tribute to his dog, Denali. An incredible story that is a must see. Just be sure to watch when you’re in the comfort of your own home because you will cry.

Denali from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo.


One thought on “Things I’m loving Friday #6

  1. 10 days in Costa Rica?! So jealous. Rub it in with some good Instagram posts if you can. I’m an Amazon Prime member, but have never used the music service. I’ll have to check it out! Have fun on the trip.

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