Final house todo list update #3

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been doing little updates here and there to get the house prepped to sell. I’m happy to say that we were able to cross everything off our list! There were a few “would be nice” things on our list that we didn’t get to but they weren’t really necessary. We’ve got one last deep clean before pictures are taken and then the house will be listed Friday… WOW! So exciting and crazy all at the same time. I’ve actually been pretty anxious about the whole process but here’s to hoping everything goes smoothly. Baby steps Brooke… I will say that this market has us feeling pretty confident about the condition of our house and hoping it sells fast!

To-Do list, most recent updates in pink…

  • Buy moving boxes, packing material
  • Pre-pack/stage house: Pack winter stuff, ski gear, unused dishware, boots, books, and any other clutter
  • Replace light bulbs(?)
  • Replace fire alarm
  • Take all photos down and pack them away
  • Add phone jack
  • Recaulk where needed: bathroom, kitchen, nail holes
  • Painted all inside doors bright white<<amazing transformation that took little time and made a big difference!
  • Fix transitions Again made a huge difference and gave the floors a finished look(finally)
  • Schedule and get carpet cleaned happening today!


  • Pressure wash deck, house, front door/entry, garage
  • Paint deck with deck paint and replace bad boards(?)
  • Recaulk awning and side of front door
  • Touch up paint outside
  • Trim tree
  • Refill gravel in Melvin’s kennel
  • Lay sod in backyard/front yard
  • Remove electric dog fence
  • Get rid of outside cabinet

Deep clean:

  • Touch up paint: trim, walls, laundry room, window sill, nail holes
  • Clean AC registers and grilles
  • Ceiling dust bunnies
  • Fireplace
  • Clean windows inside/outside
  • Dust EVERYTHING (on going!)

(?) Optional tasks that we didn’t get to.

We wanted to replace the light bulbs because they’re the energy efficient ones and can take a min or two to light up a room. We still may swap them out before actually moving. Scott said he wanted to take them with him… hmm. As for painting the deck… After power washing the deck, it looked so much better! We figured save the money and put it towards the new house. Power washing makes such a huge difference though. We did it to our front driveway too and it really gave it a nice, clean look.

Getting serious over here, y’all!!!

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FullSizeRender (2)


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