workouts 5/3-5/9


  • 1 hr of yard work: laying sod, decomposed granite, raking, trimming trees. I’m sure there will be many more “yard work” workouts in the future as we get our house prepared to go on the market.


  • Pure Bikram Yoga… My first time there! MUCH hotter than other places I’ve tried.-1.5 hrs
  • Boxing-1 hr



  • Cardio wildcard at Dancer Shape-So hard to get up this morning, but I made it to my 5:45 class(thanks to ClassPass for keeping me accountable)…a mix of cardio kickboxing and non stop movement-1 hr
  • Barre at MOD fitness–COMPLETELY forget that I had scheduled this class. I had just gotten home from work and a notification popped up on my phone informing me that I was scheduled for a class in 30 min at MOD fitness. I threw on some clothes, put the dogs away and boogied off to class. Thankfully MOD is about 15 min away from me.- 45 min


  • KorFormer 101- an intro class to using a korformer – it was about 30 mins, and not a complete workout. We went over the studio layout, how to use their equipment, and how to do different moves on the machine.

5.75 hours of work this week!


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