The Friendly Spot in San Antonio

Scott and I took a visit down to San Antonio over the weekend to visit Laura and her little family. It had been since Christmas(!!!) since we last time we saw them so a quick trip down South was necessary.

The weather on Sunday was nothing short of amazing! Blue skies, with fluffy white clouds, warm and sunny. Perfection.

We met up around 1 at Laura’s place then took a drive in to “Southtown.” I am not familiar with that area of San Antonio(or any area of SA really) but I knew instantly that I would love it. Southtown had a lot of similarities to Austin, which is probably why I liked it so much. It was very charming, people were out and about riding bikes, thanks to the gorgeous weather, and there was a variety of local restaurants to pick from. We went to Titos Mexican Restaurant to get our Tex-Mex fix and were seated right away. The food definitely didn’t disappoint, but how could it, Mexican food never disappoints. ;)

Once we were done, we walked next door to The Friendly Spot. I just loved this little place so much! It’s an outside bar with open seating, welcome to dogs, kids and day time drinkers. We spent a couple hours there, catching up over a few beers and soaking up the sunshine. I even got a few baby Billy snuggles… that is until Billy realized I wasn’t his mom and started crying… But good practice nonetheless!
friendly spot
friendly spot 2
The little chunker is just under 6 months. Isn’t he a cutie?
little chunker
Gah, Scott did not want me to take this pic, but I had to document him pushing a stroller. ;-p

We can’t wait to visit Laura, BC and baby Billy again soon!


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