Zoom Room Austin

Melvin and I are members of the Wheaten Terrier Meet Up group here in Austin. We all get together with our wheaties every now and then to give them a chance to play and romp around together. It’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever!
Over the weekend we got together at an in-door agility training center called the Zoom Room. They offer a multitude of training options from agility to obedience. Our visit this time was a little bit of work and a lot of play! The wheaties got to mingle a bit before showing off their skills on the A-frame, a jump, and the circle jump. Once the dogs where done with “training,” they got to run around a play a bit more with each other. Wheatens are the most lovable and tolerant dogs. There was no barking, snarling, or aggression among the group but definitely some high energy puppies, which is always welcome!
I kept looking over and seeing Melvin on the A-frame all by himself and cracking up…I’m convinced he’s part mountain goat.
Melvin A frame
These two were the cutest… Both more of the introverts of the group, Keely and Melvin became BFF’s… It only took them 1.5 hrs to finally warm up with each other and start playing. Keely would force her whole body in to you when you went to pet her which gave me all the heart eyes! She’s a sweet girl. Melvin had a lot of fun playing with her too!

Melvin was so pooped after all the fun he had!
We’re looking forward to our next visit to the Zoom Room!


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