So…we have a realtor

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were in the early stages of the buying/selling process. Well, last week we met with a realtor in hopes to get some professional advice and to answer some of our questions. We asked questions such as is this a good time to buy/sell, when should we sell, what do we need to do to prepare our house, and how much we can list it for… and then some. Our realtor walked the house and gave us some good tips on how we can make improvements before listing it. Scott met with several lenders, got quotes, and pre-approval. I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious over here on the home front!

We have a date in mind for when we want to put the house on the market… Just over 4 weeks away!…and a growing list of tasks!!

Over the weekend we starting checking stuff off the list. And just so I can keep track, here are the tasks (+/-) we’ll be completing in the next few weeks:

  • Buy moving boxes, packing material
  • Pre-pack/stage house: Pack winter stuff, ski gear, unused dishware, boots, books, and any other clutter
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Replace fire alarm
  • Take all photos down and pack them away
  • Add phone jack
  • Recaulk where needed: bathroom, kitchen, nail holes



  • Pressure wash deck, house, front door/entry, garage
  • Paint deck with deck paint and replace bad boards
  • Recaulk awning and side of front door
  • Touch up paint outside
  • Trim tree
  • Refill gravel in Melvin’s kennel
  • Lay sod in backyard/front yard 
  • Remove electric dog fence
The new grass sticks out like a sore thumb right now but I suppose it’s better than a big dirt patch

Deep clean:

  • Touch up paint: trim, walls, laundry room, window sill, nail holes
  • Clean AC registers and grilles
  • Ceiling dust bunnies
  • Fireplace
  • Clean windows inside/outside

Deep cleaning tasks will get done as we get closer to putting our house on the market. We want to get it de-cluttered and organized, then get to work cleaning. Thankfully our list is minimal.

I’m so excited to start this new adventure with Scott. I’m sure it won’t be easy, but we’ve got this!

Let the house hunting begin!


7 thoughts on “So…we have a realtor

  1. That’s so exciting! (and probably equally terrifying). We’ve thought about doing the same so we could get a little bit closer into town, but everything is just so expensive. I don’t want to pay more to downsize. Are y’all looking in a particular part of town?

    1. I’m really exciting, but yes, I’m a little scared too! I know exactly how you feel about expenses! We would like a home with more space, some privacy and a yard for our dogs, but we can’t afford anything like that in the “city” and of the houses/area that we can afford, they’re about 1,500 sqft(same size as our current house) and about double the price. Def not going to pay double for the same size house! We live pretty central right now, and it’s nice but we’re looking for a change. I wouldn’t mind the idea of living a bit out if I can get a house that I love and don’t mind commuting for. Currently living 10 miles from downtown, it’s still almost an hour commute most mornings in traffic. We’ve been checking out Southwest Austin, Bee Caves, even as far as Spicewood!

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