Honeymoon to Roatan Honduras

With my two year Anniversary quickly approaching, I feel like if I’m ever going to recap my Honeymoon, then I guess now would be the time. I want a place I can go to to relive my honeymoon and that time in my life. I just adore looking at all of my wedding recaps and now I’d like to do that for my honeymoon.

If you know me, then you know I have a pretty poor memory. Let’s hope, with the help of pictures, that I can recap my honeymoon in as much detail as possible!

When: The first week in May 2013. We took a week in between our wedding and our Honeymoon so we could relax a bit before taking off for a week in the Caribbean. I have to say, it was a great idea! I don’t know how people can go straight on their honeymoon the day after their wedding… and it was fun to prolong our celebration!

Where: Roatan, Honduras– A little island off the country of Honduras in the Caribbean. We stayed near the middle-ish of the Island at Barefoot Cay. In this picture, the resort is between the 5 & 6.


Barefoot Cay was everything I could have imagined and more!! It was exactly what we were looking for. Away for all tourism, intimate, only accommodating about 30 guests total. They served us breakfast, lunch and dinner just 20 feet from where we dined. The staff made you feel like family and by the second day, they addressed you on a first name basis. Roatan is a big diving destination, and our resort really catered to that. Although I didn’t get to dive on this trip, Scott did! He went for a total of 11 dives… YES, 11!!! That means he doubled up on some days. Dives take about two hours, so while Scott was away, I did all of the relaxing. It was heaven!

There are two areas of the resort… the Island side where the the main lobby, loft rooms, the dive shop and dive boats are. Across the canal is the pool, restaurant, beach, palapa, and little bungalows.
Barefoot Cay
We stayed in a loft on the island side. This is what it looks like when you drive up.
And the view from our room at sunrise
So each time we traveled over to the other side, we’d hop on a little pontoon boat that would take as back and forth as needed. Truth be told, when I found out (after booking) that there were two separate parts of the resort, I was a little disappointed. I thought it would be some huge hassle to go back and forth, back and forth. But I was so wrong. It didn’t inconvenience us in the slightest.
One of my favorite parts of Barefoot Cay was their reseort pet parrot, Chacarron. He wouldn’t just say “hi” and “Polly want a cracker.” He would actually talk with you… it was so funny! He would whistle at people as they walked by which gave everyone a laugh. To this day, Scott and I still say hello to each other in the Chacarron voice. So funny.
Most of the days I spent my time lounging by the pool or on the beach reading or listening to music.
We did get a few excursions in too. Like, zip-lining!
We went on a total of 12 different lines I think? haha my memory is failing me but I remember some spanning a half mile long, some short/fast ones, and one where we went upside down! It really set the bar high for my next zip-lining experience.

On the extra long lines, there had to be double the weight to make it completely across.

Scott did a night dive, which I was SO nervous about… These pictures were taken when I was trying to talk him out of it, but in the end he went…I don’t think it was a bad experience for him, it just wasn’t good. Maybe he’ll try it again in the future, but I’m hoping he doesn’t ;)
night dive
We took a Charter to the West End with some friends we made at our resort. While we boated to the West End, we stopped for two dives. Our men dove while we snorkeled. Once we made it, it was party time! The West End is mostly tourism and it’s also where all the cruise lines dock. There are a lot of shops, beach bars and restaurants. We drank some margaritas, chilled a bit and watched the sun set before heading back to the resort for dinner.
boat charter
Snorkeled off the Palapa…It wasn’t the best conditions that day because the sand had gotten stirred up so it was a bit cloudy, but usually you can see 3o feet down to the bottom.
A sweet couple that we met at our resort took some newlywed pictures of us on the beach that are just the sweetest. I love that we were able to capture these sweet memories! It’s funny because we’re still Facebook friends to this day, and she mentioned that she get a nice camera for her last Birthday because she had so much fun using ours haha
On our last day, Scott surprised me with couple’s massages on the palapa which was so romantic and relaxing, the perfect way to end our Honeymoon. All of our friends we made had left that morning, and new guests hadn’t arrived yet, so it was just the two of us at dinner the last night, which was really weird. But very peaceful.
I kind of wish it was a thing to go on a honeymoon every year for your Anniversary, but I guess dinner will have to suffice :) Oh and I can’t wait to go back to Barefoot Cay!!!


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