Things I’m loving Friday #5

Oh man! We made it to Friday, only the best day of the week! That alone can be praised!

I haven’t thought about this song for the longest time until my memory was jogged when it was played at the end of yoga class the other day…I was reminded of how much I love this artist and his music. He played one heck of a show at ACL about 3 years ago. This song is another one of my favorites. I’ve been jamming him all week and it has been fabulous.

  • Melvin antics

This dog is constantly making me laugh with all his crazy quirks. We are totally each others spirit animal if you believe in that sort of thing ;) I love #Melvinthewheaten more than anything…Also, while we’re on the topic of Melvin. I’ve started cutting Melvin’s hair and I have to admit I’m a pretty bad groomer. I really should just pay the $60 and be done with it, but I think in time I’ll get better… Maybe?
Melvin antics

  • Anniversary weekend(!!!)

Our Anniversary doesn’t actually fall on the weekend, rather Monday… But it’s still fun to start celebrating the weekend leading up to it. For our first Anniversary we staycationed in Austin. This year, we’re probably going to dinner Monday night. Nothing has really been set in stone. We’ll see!

  •  The potential of selling/buying a new house

We have thrown this idea around for what seems like forever now, but we’ve actually become serious about it! Zillow and Trulia have become mine and Scott’s most used apps these days. We’re just now taking the first steps to selling our house and buying a new one. We’re hoping to try and buy while interest rates are still low and before they go up. More space for storage, different location and a better house layout that fits our needs are just a few things that are motivating the move. We’re looking everywhere, but really liking the Southwest Austin area… the views!  

  • Weekend Events I’m looking forward to: Getting my hair done at the salon, garage sale, crawfish boil at Thane & Amy’s new house, and some family time.

A short and sweet list this week, but a really exciting one! Anything you are loving this week?


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