Reasons I love coming home from vacation

Vacations are such a treat. I wasn’t much of a traveler in my early years, but now I’ve seemed to embrace adventures in new cities and absolutely LOVE traveling. I say give me experiences over materialist items every time, experiences always win.

But I will say there are some things that are so pleasing about coming home from a vacation and help take the post-vacation blues away. Here’s my list:

  1. Dogs! If you have dogs, I’m sure this would be your first reason too. Not only are you reunited with them, but their outrageous reaction to seeing you after a couple days is priceless! When we came back from our ski trip in Colorado, Melvin was going NUTS! He was racing around the house, then jumped on to the ottoman and launched right into my arms. I had never seen him do that, so I was in complete awe. It was obnoxious and hilarious. Then he would not leave my side and drowned me in kisses.
  2. Sleeping in my own bed-clean sheets are a plus!
  3. Routine-getting back in the gym, cooking dinner, cleaning house, etc.
  4. GOOD coffee… I’ve become such a brat when it comes to coffee. I found my favorite type and everything else just doesn’t compare. I really suggest you try it for yourself!
  5. Appreciation for our home, our cars and other things we may take for granted on a daily basis.
  6. In this case, WARMER weather!

Post-vacation blues are inevitable, but this list right here helps make coming home be not such a bad thing! :)


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