Brooke in Boston

We got back from Boston on Sunday and I’m finally feeling all caught up! We spent a short and sweet amount of time up North and had a really great visit! Like I said before, Scott was heading to Boston for a meeting, and I came along for fun. We got my ticket with miles so it made the trip quite affordable. We were able to sneak in a couple of fun things in between his work schedule and meetings…

Our Thursday started bright and early at 3am! We flew out of Austin to Houston and then landed in Boston right at noon. We got really lucky with our flight from Houston to Boston… no one showed up for seat #3! Making a 3+ hour flight actually enjoyable!
The weather was surprisingly warm and the sun was shining when we landed. It took me by complete surprise! But sadly, the sunshine and warmth was short lived. There was a front coming through bringing rain and snow throughout the weekend. We took a cab over to our hotel, Courtyard Boston Downtown. It was a nice location within walking distance to most things. We grabbed a bite to eat, Scott did some work, then we rested up for the evening. The early morning traveling wore us out! Later that night, we ended up meeting with Scott’s boss for dinner at The Salty Pig. I have to give Scott credit for picking such a great place!! It was really tasty! We ordered an assortment of meats: duck liver pate, Prosciutto, Porchetta and cheese: Gusto Antico Taleggio, Manchego, and Vintage Gouda. All SO tasty! I’m a big fan of meat and cheese plates and this one was definitely a winner. We rounded out the meal with roasted bone marrow! I guess you could say we were feeling adventurous that night!

My friend Jess and I met up for an early barre class at a studio called Simply Barre. I met Jess online back in December through ClassPass and when I told her I was coming to Boston, we made it a point to meet up! And how appropriate to meet up for a barre class?! The class left me feeling sweaty and shaky, which is what I call success!
FullSizeRender (2)
Soon after the class, I headed back to the hotel to pick up Scott for breakfast. We went to this adorable cafe called Flour Bakery<-a recommendation from Jess, which was such a great choice. They’ve got an assortment of sweets, pastries, sandwiches, etc. I read that they have an amazing egg sandwich, so that’s what I opted for. Scott got the french toast with a side of bacon. I have to agree with the reviews, the egg sandwich had it going on and it was really large. Scott ended up finishing it off.
By the time we were finished, the rain had died down so we walked a short distance back to our hotel. The bed was calling my name, so I relaxed and read a bit, while Scott prepared for his meeting. Before I knew it, he was out the door catching his Uber. I managed to get myself out of bed to get ready to go exploring. I set out to walk the Back Bay area for a little bit of shopping. Little did I know that I would be walking those streets for 4 hrs! My dogs were barking for sure! But there were so many shops!! From high end retailers to Forever 21 to little local boutiques. Something for everyone.

pre shopping selfie
Boston shopping
One of my favorite stores, paper source//outdoor shopping

Scott returned a little after I did from his meeting, which went really well by the way. I definitely worked up an appetite so I was pretty hungry by the time dinner rolled around! We freshened up and set out for dinner. We toured around the area a bit before deciding on this place near where we are staying and I am completely drawing a blank on what the restaurant was called! It was a fancy seafood place that was right in the middle of the Theater district/Chinatown. It was really random, but the food and service was good so I can’t really complain.

Saturday morning we woke up to chunks of snow falling out of the sky. I could not believe it! I really hadn’t anticipated seeing snow on our visit, so it was quite the shock to wake up to white powder… It was especially bad for us because prior to coming to Boston, I signed both Scott and myself up for a running tour called the Freedom Trail Run. When I checked the forecast, there was no snow reported, at worst just freezing temps… Long story short, we ran a 5k in 36 degrees and snow. At least we weren’t the only ones, 10 others were just as crazy as us and still came on the tour. The tour itself was a blast! Great tour guides, lots of history, and a few jokes and humor along the way.

OK, so the pictures make it look kind of terrible, but honestly it wasn’t that bad! I thought it would have been colder so I was mentally prepared.

Once we docked, we booked it back to our hotel to get ready for the afternoon. We had plans of meeting up with my step dad’s parents, Dick and Barbara. They live just over an hour outside of Boston so they were so pleased to hear that we would be visiting. They would not miss an opportunity to meet up with us, which I was grateful for! To our surprise, they were already waiting for us at the hotel lobby, which prompted some seriously fast showers! We got ready in record time, and 30 min later we went down to meet them.
We took a cab down to the North end and tooled around a bit before getting lunch at Union Oyster House. We ordered a variety of yummy foods including, steamed muscles, clam chowder, Scott ordered a lobster roll, I ordered fried shrimp, Dick ordered the scallops and Barbara ordered the catch of the day. We were all so pleased with the meal and left feeling satisfied. Oh and I can’t forget to mention the Indian pudding “dessert”… Those poor early day pioneers. It’s made from cornmeal, molasses, brown sugar and cinnamon. It’s comparable to a soft pumpkin pie.. But anyways, our visit with D&B ended with walking around a bit more through a farmers market(in the snow!!!) and the holocaust memorial then made our way back to the hotel.

We hugged them goodbye and sent them on their way. Scott and I spent the rest of the night being bums and getting packed up for another early departure Sunday morning.

Such a fun packed weekend in Boston! I do hope to go back in the future… Maybe during the summer time?!?! I could do without the snow ;)


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