I think I’ll go to Boston

Exactly two weeks ago Scott texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Boston on the 26th. My first question was, “the 26th of this month? As in two weeks?” and his response was, “Yes!”

Well turns out that he was asked to join the CEO of his company for a meeting up there on the 27th and wanted to bring me along. Of course I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to travel someplace I’ve never been to before! Even if our visit is just for a long weekend.

Since it’s my first time seeing the city, I wanted to try and fit in as many reasonable things as possible. I knew I wanted to try and meet up with relatives while I was there, they live outside of Boston, and I knew I wanted to see some sights and learn a little bit more about our Country’s history.

Now, I don’t know many things about Boston, but I did see that MA is home to the first Dunkin Donuts ;)

But really, when I think about Boston, I think of COOOOOLD temperatures and snow, Irish pubs, accents, active people/lifestyles specifically the Boston Marathon, fresh seafood and America’s history.

With all of that in mind, I based my trip around all of those qualities. So far on our agenda (subject to change):

  • Thursday

-Check into hotel…We’re staying in the Theater District/Chinatown area.
-Eat lunch in the area- Suggestion?
-Work related dinner with Andy and Scott. Restaurant TBD… Any ideas/thoughts?
-Irish pub-Which one should we go to?

  • Friday

-Meet and work out with Jess at an early morning barre class at Simply Barre. So excited!
-Eat breakfast at flour bakery and cafe
-Go to the Public Garden
-Dinner with Scott
-Comedy show/standup?

  • Satuday

-Freedom Trail Run in the morning
-Meet up with relatives and eat lunch-suggestions?
-Hit up a brewery?

Everything is still up in the air. I’d love to hear your suggestions or recommendations. Specifically GOOD, reasonable places that aren’t too far away from where we’re staying and that has a nice atmosphere for lunch and dinner.


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