Sxsw 2015

It’s kind of funny that I’m even writing a post on SXSW considering the small amount of events I attended… But the few events that I did attend were the bomb!

Quality over quantity my friends aka I’m old now

Most of my sx adventures took place during the interactive week.

Chiron Party
I joined Scott and his team for an unofficial SXSW party hosted by their company, Chiron Health. They’re a start-up company doing big things in the healthcare world. The company specializes in telemedicine, making it easier and more functional for remote follow up appointments between doctors and patients.

A few of my friends were able to join in on the fun and we had the best time! A big turn out, a sucessful demo, and Saltlick BBQ. What more could you ask for?! Great party indeed.
chiron party

IBM #NewWayToWork Party/pitch
My friend Amy invited me and a couple of other friends to an event she was hosting, featuring 10 millennials pitching their start up ideas. We heard from a lot of new groups with amazing ideas. My favorite, which ended up advancing, was charity charge. Their start-up is all about giving back. With their credit card, you earn 1% cash back which is donated to any charity of your choice. How cool is that?! The passed apps and drinks were an added bonus! ;)

I felt so official with my name tag ;)

Hipster Shanty Town
A party thrown the morning of the last Saturday of sxsw. Our friends host this party in their home and it has turned into a yearly tradition it seems!… Booze, breakfast tacos, mimosas, and music. This year they had two areas of music… One in the back of the house and a turn table station in the dinning room. It was too much fun! Lots of cute babies, good music and sweet friends.

Feelthy Good People

Until next year SXSW!! Maybe I’ll actually take part in a bit more next year… Or maybe not ;)


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