Workouts 3/8-3/14

I’ve come up with something I hope will hold me more accountable when it comes to my weekly workouts. I never have a specific weekly goal in mind, but I always try to get some sort of physical activity in.

My one fitness goal this year was to use all 10 of my gym classes each month and so far so good…Except February…I’m going to pretend that month doesn’t count. There were only 11 days out of the whole month I could have worked out at the gym, and I was only able to use 8 classes… I couldn’t squeeze in the other two classes in such a short, busy month! I did go skiing 4 days in February so that has to count for something, right?

I think, or at least hope, by writing down my weekly workouts(workouts of at least 30 min or longer), I will be able to realistically see what I’m doing weekly, and how active I am…starting this week!


  • ROM CON: Range of motion conditioning. This week focused on shoulders, hips and achilles.–1 hr


  • Bollywood dance class: 30 min
  • TRX: Stations, using the TRX and hand held weights to work arms, back, quads and abs–1 hr


  • Mowed the front and back yard–45 min
  • Ran 2.5 miles–30 min



  • Lift class at work during lunch–1 hr


  • Cardio kickboxing–1 hr

5.45 hours of physical activity this week!


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