A year of wreaths

I kind of have a thing for wreaths. Having a different one up for each occasion throughout the year is not uncommon. I blame my maw maw for this trait. I can remember her creating wreaths for literally every holiday… Valentine’s day, St Patrick’s day, Easter, Independence Day…Basically any holiday you can think of, she had a wreath for it.

My wreath collection isn’t nearly as big as hers, but it is steadily growing!

When I heard the folks at Patience Brewster were putting together a “year in wreaths” project, I was in! Patience Brewster is a one-artist company offering unique ornaments and gifts. Check out their unique handmade ornaments here if you’re curious! They’re quite adorable and oh so creative!

I was inspired to create this post compiling all of my wreaths I put together throughout the years, with the exception of one. Wreath creating makes me crafting heart happy!

Valentine’s Day wreath

Ok, I can’t take credit for this one… I actually bought it at Target two years ago at the day-after sale! I always put this one out for the month of February. But, if you’re interested in making one yourself, I’ve seen these type of wreath tutorials all over pinterest!
valentine's day wreath

Spring wreath

I used a straw wreath, wrapped it in pink yarn with lots and lots of homemade fabric rosettes. I hang this wreath between the months of March and June.
Spring wreath

Football wreath

We’re football lovers in our household and we throw the annual Super Bowl party among our friends, so I figured I needed a wreath to fit the occasion! I have a DIY post here, but these are the only things you’ll need: a foam wreath, green/white yarn, an artificial mum, and some little football themed trinkets. I’ll put this wreath out at the start of football season, remove it for Fall/Christmas and then put it out again after the New Year.
football wreath

Fall wreath

This is probably my favorite wreath! I think it’s because I absolutely love fall, and I love that it’s personalized with the “H” All you’ll need is a stick wreath, artificial fall florals, craft paper, your initial, pumpkins/gourds or whatever else you might like to add when you think of fall. I put this wreath out in October through November.
fall wreath

Holiday wreath

I was in desperate need of a Holiday wreath when I came up with this one. It’s a hodgepodge of holly leaves, glitter berries, poinsettias, apple or two, and wrapped in jute twine. I love all the sparkle in this one! This wreath debuts once I get my Christmas tree up, which is usually right after Thanksgiving.
holiday wreath

My next few wreaths in queue is a summer themed wreath, think 4th of July, with red, white and blue yarn. A St Patrick’s Day wreath: green, 4 leaf cloves, some sort of sparkle. A personalized everyday wreath: Chevron, H, ribbon.

I better get to crafting!


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