Easter crafts

I know it may seem strange to already bring up the idea of Easter, but if you really think about it, it’s only a month away! If March flies by as quick as February did, then it will be April 5th before we know it.

Now is the perfect time to get your craft on and start decorating your home for Easter and spring time. Once again, I have to share with you the amazing things you can find at Dollar Tree for a whopping $1. I admit, when it comes to crafting, I want all of the things! And let’s be honest, at other craft stores, that’s just not realistic! When shopping at Dollar Tree, I can buy all of the things that make my crafting heart happy and not feel guilty about it! <<-best part!

Not only is Dollar Tree affordable, but they have REALLY cute stuff!

See what I mean?

I put together a few eggciting crafts that I’d like to share with you if you’re needing some crafting inspiration or just need some decorating ideas. Everything that was made/put together/decorated was with Dollar Tree products… Oh I just love saving money!

Table Center Piece

Children’s Easter Basket
I loved putting this basket of goodies together. It reminded me of when I was a little girl on Easter morning. I’d roll out of bed and at my feet there would be a basket overflowing with all of my favorite candies, trinkets and toys waiting for me… Dropped off by Peter Cottontail of course.

 Easter Egg Candy Dish

Bucket of Blow Pops

Papier Mache Easter Egg Craft
This was my favorite craft to make. I haven’t done papier mache since elementary school, so I really enjoyed myself. It’s simple, kid friendly, and it turns out really cute! I even impressed myself. I made a separate “how to” post here.

Be sure to visit ileavehappy.com for more Easter inspiration! You might just see one of my pictures up there! Dollar Tree will be hosting a contest open for a public vote that will decide the winning blogger. Contest starts March 16th. And just for voting you have chances of winning $$$. I’ll post a reminder when voting day comes!! 


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