Things I’m loving Friday #4

Happy Friday friends!!!

By the time you read this, I’ll be up in the air heading to Telluride, Colorado… That is definitely topping my list of things I’m loving this week! Not only will I be skiing for the next five days, but I’ll be with the Hamilton family (we’ll miss you Laura/Billy/baby Billy) and I’ll be taking a whole (much needed) week off of work. Hallelujah! So lets get right to it!

  • Visiting and skiing in Telluride, CO. 

We’ve both never been skiing in Telluride, but have heard such great things. The pictures are just adorable, and the town looks so quaint. I’m anxious to vacation with the whole fam. I have a feeling we’re going to have a great time! and one whole week off of work doesn’t hurt either ;)

  • All things Valentine’s Day

Yes, I’m one of those people that loves Valentine’s day, just for the fact that the holiday is based on the celebration of L-O-V-E!! Scott and I don’t make a big deal about celebrating, but I usually pick up a little something for him and love showing him some extra love/cuddles on Valentine’s Day. Last year we were skiing during Valentine’s Day too, which I recapped here. I would totally be ok with keeping the “skiing on Valentine’s Day” tradition ;)

  • Daytime dates with maw-maw (and Smash Burger)

Every Monday I would meet up with my maw maw and we would spend the day together eating lunch, shopping around, or walking the mall. We called it maw-maw Monday and it was fabulous! I have missed those days so much since getting a M-F work schedule. Last weekend on Sunday I decided to spend the day with her. We tooled around target and kohls and stopped by a new to us place called Smash Burger for lunch. OMG it was amazing… the fries, the buns, the special sauce. We loved every bit of it and were very impressed. Definitely recommend it!

I mean seriously!? Isn’t she so adorable! Don’t tell her I posted this picture ;)

  •  Old Navy workout gear

I had 3 coupons to Old Navy that were burning a hole in my wallet that I have been holding on to since Christmas… Well the time had finally come to cash them in! I found the cutest, most flattering workout gear within the last two weeks at Old Navy! I usually don’t have high standards when it comes to workout gear because 1. I wear it to sweat in  2. Typically wears out pretty quick. You won’t see me spending $100+ on yoga pants from lululemon. #nothanks I was so impressed with the quality and price, I just had to share. I walked away with 3 of these, and a pair of these. The thing with ON is their inconsistent sizing, so be sure to try on. #oldnavyftw

  •  My first Influenster Voxbox

I signed up to be a part of the Influenster network. They send you products for review, you try them out and share your review on social media. Welp, I got my first box of goodies in the mail this week. Some name brand products and some products I’ve never hear of before. I’m really excited to try them out and share my reviews. I’m especially excited to try the L’OCCITANE Comforting Cream on my face while I’m up in Colorado. My skin always dries out a lot in high altitude, so it couldn’t have come at better time.


What are you loving this week?? I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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