Things I’m loving Friday #3

What’s not to love about a Friday afternoon, heading into a weekend that’s forecasted to have gorgeous weather?!? Nothing, that’s what! But this Friday in particular is special because right after work, I’ll be heading to happy hour to meet up with some girl friends that I haven’t seen in months, some even years! So I’m super pumped about that! I’m happy to share with you a few things that have been putting a smile on my face this week.

  • Super Bowl get together

FullSizeRender (2)
Although Super Bowl was almost a week ago, I can’t help mentioning what a great party it turned out to be! Tons of food, drinks, good friends, conversation, and an exciting football game! The ending sucked, but at least it wasn’t like the previous year with the Broncos and Seahawks.

I’ve posted about The Rage a few times, but I just can’t help mentioning them this week. They’ve got a few spring items coming to their shop that are just so adorable and irresistible. I’ve been able to control myself here lately, but with affordable prices and free shipping any where in the US, it’s hard not to buy everything. #illtakeitall I did happen to pick up thisthis and this though! Peplum everything!

My skin has become very sensitive to the sun as a result of a new face cleanser I’ve been using. I picked up Eucerin moisturizer because of the 30 SPF. I’ve gotta say, the stuff is amazing! I can’t stand when moisturizers leave a greasy residue or makes your face break out. I have sensitive skin and a mild case of rosacea and I’m happy to report that this moisturizer doesn’t irritate it in the slightest. It goes on light and smooth, and doesn’t leave my skin looking oily. Very happy to have found a daily moisturizer that works with my skin!

FullSizeRender (4)
I’ve mentioned before that I’m not into wearing a ton of makeup. Sometimes I don’t have time to put it on, or I don’t want my face to be suffocated with heavy makeup all day…. BUT I’m feeling very good about my most recent makeup purchases, specifically the Urban Decay glide on eye liner. This was definitely an upgrade from my standard Ulta eye liner. It really does glide on and lasts all day. Also, love that there are two colors. Perversion for a more bold look and Pistol for a subtle, everyday look.

  • Drake Pandora station

I think it catches people off guard when I tell them I like rap/hip hop and I like to see their reactions. Anyways, I’ve been finding myself listening to drake pandora station more often while I’m running, #neighborhoodbladin, or driving home from work. If you’re a fan of Drake, Lil Wayne, wiz khalifa, etc. then this is your station.

  • Puppy niece, Gigi

My bff Bailey just got herself a new companion, a goldendoodle, and named her Gigi! I got to meet this 8-week old bundle of fluff and instantly fell in love. Gosh, there’s something about puppies that make me so happy! Puppy breath, wobbly legs, constant exhaustion… sooooo adorable! I have a feeling Gigi and Melvin are going to be best friends!

  • Drinking water

Drinking water comes easy for me. It’s my go to for quenching my thirst and don’t have a hard time drinking 64oz of water at work. ClassPass posted a great post on how much water to drink for your body type and I found it really helpful! Especially since our spring summer is approaching quickly!

  • Weight lifting

FullSizeRender (5)
I’m not a powerlifter or bodybuilder by any means, but I do love a good weight training exercise. What a weight training class looks like to me: Starting off with a LOT of reps(a song worth) of 40lb squat/dead lift with a mixture of 15lb chest press, 12lb biceps/triceps/row/flies throughout the class with a little bit of cardio thrown in. Perfection!

What are you loving this week?!


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