Bathroom update #2

It’s about time for another bathroom update! We’ve been diligently working on the bathroom since my last update 4 weeks ago. Update TWO is all about tile. I can officially say the hardest part is behind us. In my last update I left you with two different tiles we were picking from. Well, we made a decision and got to work!

We ended up going with a blue glass subway tile with a blue/white/gray stone for the niche. After 3 rentals of the wet saw, about 20 boxes of tile, and countless hours of tiling, we are (forever) done tiling!!!

Like any project, this part took waaaay longer than anticipated and it was a lot harder than we both imagined. Our routine consisted of Scott cutting, I laying. Oh and LOTS of googling.

Real questions I googled

“How much space to put between the tile and shower basin? “
Could not find this anywhere so we ended up just using a really thick spacer, 3/8, between the tile and the shower basin. We’ll fill in the space with caulking.

“How to lay subway tile?”
When laying subway tile, you need to measure and mark the center lines for the tile. What we did first was find the center line. From there, we measured 3 inches out from each side. We used 12” tile, so 6” would be half. Doing this will help keep tile in line and orderly.
So for example, the next row would start at the line on the right.
“How to lay thinset with glass tile?”
Apparently, with glass tile, notched lines can show through. To avoid this, you would need to knock down the line and smooth them out. With our particular tile, the thinset didn’t need to be completely smooth.

“How to tile a shower niche?”
Oh boy, we had the hardest time deciding how to tile the back side of the niche. We attempted to tile the back with the continued pattern but nothing was lining up. So we decided to go with a specialty accent tile which made things sooo much easier. And it’s much more appealing!

“Where to start when tiling a shower?”
We started in the center on the back of the shower first, then the sides. On the sides we started on the outside and worked our way in.

These were all real things I googled. AND I’ve answered them just in case people have the same questions I had and can’t find the answers anywhere else!

When I still had a smile on my face. Didn’t know what I was getting myself into
All we got done after one full day

The second day we tiled was much more extensive. We worked 18 solid hours and still didn’t finish tiling the whole shower. We finished the back side, right side and half of the left side. We would have pushed through, but ran out of mortar and it was 12am. I know, we’re crazy.
Day three was the final push. We finished tiling the left side and the bathroom floor. We used 12×24 inch tile on the floor which made things go really quick! Our “master” bathroom floor is TINY so tiling it was a breeze!
DSC_0027 2
We waited about 24 hours and then applied grout. Btw, with glass tile, you need unsanded grout. Very important to keep in mind as you don’t want the glass tile to get scratched when grouting.
DSC_0017 2
DSC_0018 2

Some small details/tips I’d like to include:

  • We used 1/16 spacers for the subway tile
  • We used 3/8 spacers for the floor tile
  • Clean out grout lines before thinset dries. It’s much easier to remove excess thinset when wet than before it hardens. Thinset must be removed before you can grout
  • I recommend a wet saw over the tile cutter. It’s most accurate and gets the job done quick
  • When cutting glass tile, tape the edge where you’re going to cut, it will be less likely to break or chip

Next up:

  • Paint-I think we’re going to stick with our original paint color Behr: Silver Drop
  • Decide on our tile/grout
  • Lay tile and grout
  • Caulk all corners of shower (and tops of base boards)
  • Install baseboards
  • Paint baseboards and touch up wall paint
  • Replace toilet!
  • Install glass shower wall(we’ll be hiring out for this)

7 thoughts on “Bathroom update #2

  1. Girl- you are a much better person than I am. Hank just finished the subway tile backsplash in the kitchen, and all I did to help was stay the heck out of his way. It looks great, and I love the inset piece.

      1. I had my house built about 15 years ago and it was so rough lol. Now I’m slowly doing changes but I’m thinking remodeling is rougher than building because you’re actually living in that house while the mess is there lmbo

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