I have had the hardest time finding the motivation behind this post. Last week started out as such a crummy week, and I just couldn’t shake my funk. Usually the New Year brings out motivational Brooke, and I’m very into making resolutions and keeping up with them–a fresh start. But when the New Year rolled around, I had nothin! I lacked motivation, inspiration, positivity and the list goes on. Facing questions like, “What am I doing sitting in traffic for an hour just to get to a job that brings me zero joy?” or “When will I change the design and buy the domain for my blog?” or “Will this house ever have two toilets again?!” or “What do I want to get out of 2015?”

This was me last week, not going to the gym and enjoying an ice cream sandwich instead

So I got to thinking about some reasonable resolutions to help me get motivated for 2015 and came up with these simple personal goals.

  • Read all book club books (and more!): I love meeting with my book club every month, but about half of the time, I don’t read the book. I’m thinking what’s the point of being in a book club if I’m not reading all the books?! So that’s a big goal of mine. I’m about 1/3 through our first book of the year, “The Paris Wife
  • Use all 10 gym classes: I have 10 classes a month, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but with schedule conflicts, time restraints, and workouts outside of the gym, I’ve found it quite difficult to make it to all 10 classes. This was actually one of my resolutions last year and I did pretty well! There were a few months that I let slip, so I’m aiming for all 12 months this year! No excuses! Already 3 classes down.
FullSizeRender (7)
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  • Swim lessons: I’ve never actually been taught proper swim technique, and would like to go through an adult swim lesson course to gain more confidence. I started looking into swim lessons last season at the Y, but every time I tried to sign up, the classes were already full. Really hoping I can squeeze in a course that works with my schedule this summer.
  • More practice/photography with my DSLR: I’m never going to get better with my camera if I don’t start using it more. I’m hoping to learn more about my camera and lens and maybe add a few more accessories to my collection. Now I just need a target to photograph ;)

With all of that said, I’m finally on the up and up and feeling much better this week! I’ve finally found some motivation and with some personal goals set, I’m excited to work towards them. I have a big list of house todo’s and Scott and I have other goals as a couple, but these are a good start for myself.


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